Rescue Journal

disabled wednsday

Alison  ·  Jan. 24, 2007

we had a couple of great ladies come out from vancouver today to help us. you could tell they were animal kindred spirits and they are going to come out every couple of weeks and join our saints servant club. one of them brought her rescued, sketchy shep x, she was lovely! and i think visiting up here will be really good for her too. and deb is here so the dogs got their run, she brought her kenzie with her and i just looked out the window into the pasture and saw kenzie and tyra gleefully rolling and rolling in horse poop.

i had some good news and some bad news from the bank today...apparently i was smart enough to take out full 100% disability insurence on both the line of credit and the kicks in after 30 days and the other after 60 days off work. the bad news was the bank forgot to process it and i haven't been paying for it. so they are going to take one lump payment for all the months we missed (which is about equal to one mortgage payment, ouch) and then i can be covered. oh well, i am grateful for any help i can get. wcb phoned to but my claim is still pending as they are awaiting the medical reports still.

i had a tiny disagreement with my youngest daughter who is taking me to the cast clinic tomorrow to get my sutures out and hopefully a lighter cast. she does not want to take me out looking at golf carts or ATM"s, she thinks i should just rot safely away in the house. anyway, i am the mom so i think i can make her take me and if she doesn't i will pitch a temper tantrum out in public like she used to do to me when she was small. pay back.

deb is out in the barn, and she left norton in with the big dogs and he wants to come into the kitchen, so he is complaining, over and over and over again. i am waiting for deb to come back to the house or for eva to come out of the rabbit room so someone can go and get him for me because i can't reach him (but if i had an golf cart, or an outside wheelchair or a rolling stool in the lower dog room i bet i could!)...sorry norton, don't worry, it is only temporary.

i looked out the window this morning and saw eva climbing up the fence to rescue frodo who was sititing on the roof...holy smoke if she fell and broke her leg, we would all be screwed. i told her to quit doing that crap, sheesh, give me a heart attack or something. anyway, she got him down, but he is back up there again cuz i guess he likes the view.

Tigger Woods is having his surgery to remove that cyst from his face and a dental today, i hope he is doing alright and doesn't feel too bad after his surgery. and i still miss that funny little trev, i hope he comes home before the weekend so mo and nicole can meet him, he is just great! little miss mable may dances for food treats, gosh she is adorable too.

everyone else is good today, deb said spritely was acting like a filly and flying across the fields. i want to see her and tell her "don't run!"



Hey Jen, you can take her to look at ATMs - no harm in that. But keep her away from those dang ATV's or we'll be digging her, her cast, and her wheels out of the swamp that we call the lower meadow when she decides she can just motor off down there with the dogs. :)

I'm so sorry I missed the morning visitors - we've been trying to connect for several weeks and kept postponing because of snow, ice, and then crisis management. I'm glad they made it out and will be coming back - hopefully I'll get to meet them next time.