Rescue Journal

Honey pee-pee pants

Nicole  ·  Jan. 24, 2007

a little update on Honey. Last saturday when I got back home from SAINTS, she was wobbly and couldn't walk without major sway. So I phoned Carol and we figured she may have had a stroke. Sunday morning she was still pretty wobbly, I had a few flashbacks back to Ozzie, but this was different. She had the drunk wobbly gate, but other than that she didn't seem any worse for wear, but I brought her into the Vancouver Animal ER more for my sake than hers. She hates going in the car, but evenmore than that she hates being picked up (so much that it causes her to drop little nuggets while you are carrying her). The vet we saw thought it could be geriatric vestibular syndrome or a stroke or something else I can't remember. So we just have to wait to see if it goes away (vestibular syndrome usually last 2-3 weeks).

On Monday I brought her to SAINTS' vet for a followup and then found out she's also fighting an infection and so she's now on antibiotics, which she hates taking and makes me go to great lengths to try to get them in her.

She's doing okay, still walking around, but even more slowly than before and she has this sway to her head that reminds me of Ray Charles.
The new fun thing she has decided is that she doesn't eat kibble any more and will eat her canned food if she has too, but would prefer only liver brownies and arrowroot cookies and maybe some pizza.



Heck, if I had a choice between canned food and brownies (not the liver kind, though), cookies and pizza, I'd refuse the canned food too!
Poor Honey - thanks for the update, Nicole, I was wondering how she was doing now. I hope she's feeling much better soon.