Rescue Journal

update on trev and that beastly carl

Alison  ·  Jan. 24, 2007

his icky skin is still demodex (big surprize)...he looks like he has border collie in him, but also alot of something else...still it is a risk treating him with the ivermectin, he has had the advantage multi for the past few months without success. oh sigh, it is a gamble but we can't leave him as he is either. thinking hard tonight. anyway, he gets to come home tomorrow and he has had a bath.

carl is M.I.A. tonight, he buggered off somewhere to the bottom field about a half an hour before deb put the barn guys to bed. she looked all over (i call him the stealth pilot for good reason) but couldn't find him in the dark. in the end we left the barn open and jean is coming over later and hopefully he will have gone to bed where he belongs. bad carl, don't mess around with the nice volunteers who happen to be saving our collective butts, and don't freak me out either, i am stressed enough. i will now make sure whatever mobility aid i find has headlights tho.



Well, that's true - they did like the song. Spritely was very very happy and goofy and obviously pleased with the late night entertainment.
We should do that more often (well, not the hunting Carl part, just the spending time in the barn after they've been put to bed). Cathie left the book "Anne of Green Gables" in Toonie's stall - apparently she likes to be read to. They are on page three.


hey! i was having fun out there, that's the happiest i have been all week! and they like my mr ed song, it is their favorite.


Oh, and Carol? When you get stuck in the foot deep mud in the lower meadow at 9 o'clock at night, searching for Carl on your ATV with headlights, DON'T call me to come haul you out. You and Carl can spend the night together thinking about the consequences of being stubborn. :)


I found him down in the trees in the bottom corner of the lower meadow (the south east corner, for those who know the property). He is very scared and even with his feed bowl, I could not get him to follow me back to the barn. He did take a few steps toward me but that was all. However, he doesn't appear sick or injured - he is standing proudly as always, his funny little alien ears twisting around like antenna.

I know my alpaca, Martin, won't move in the dark - if he's up near the barn for a late feed and it gets dark, he sleeps up there; if he's down near his tree when it turns dark, he won't come for the evening feed. So maybe Carl will come back up in the morning. I'm on morning barn duty so will go check him again before I leave for work, if he's not at the barn.

Of course, Carol has the bright idea that I should let the sheep back out to attract him back to the barn. She assures me they'll go back to their stall if I offer them grain. Fat chance. After half an hour, I gave up and brought Carol over to the barn where we sat for another half hour (and I was entertained with Carol's singing to the animals - don't quit your nursing job, Carol)....until she finally sent me around the back of the barn to "herd" them back in. I will say I make a good border collie - it only took three attempts to get them to go where they were supposed to.
It's been a long day - from morning feed, to failing brakes (slipped right through two intersections - apparently not my brakes but some glitch in my electronic computerized stupid system that has messed with the ABS) - to work - to rental car company - to home - to saints - ......Charley is glad to see me. I'm going to have a drink, some dinner, and crawl into my bed. And I'll be a lot warmer and more comfy than the recalcitrant Carl.


I feel like an idiot! Who loses a Llama?
Everyone else behaved like princes and princesses, even the wayward Springer......I should have known things were going too well, Petunia didn't even bother to tell me off.
Carl, where are you?!