Rescue Journal


Alison  ·  Jan. 25, 2007

deb...i think carl suffers from post traumatic syndrome, he has occasional bad, scary days...not your fault, just bad luck on your day. but hey, tunie fish likes you now!

michael is STUPID! 3:30 am he decides to crawl under the bed to steal the cats food. he gets stuck, half under the bed and half under my wheelchair. his freaking out and flailing flattened body is right where my foot needs to go so i can stand up, grab my chair and help him. sam and endora were screaming and whacking at his back end telling him to get the hell out of there! i was trying to reach over the side of the bed and pull him out without falling on top of him further injuring us both. oh! i could have strangled him, he just about killed us...anyway, i got him out, no worse for wear and he crab walked back off to bed to sulk. none of us were very happy with his late night adventure into gluttony, that was a stupid idea michael!

well, i guess i better go start the torturous chore of cleaning myself back up to normal before my doc sees me today. i am pretty sure i have kept my cast relatively clean but i can't really see or get close enough to the bottom of it to smell it to make sure. sigh...i don't want to gross her out or have her think that i am crazy. nothing is all that easy anymore...a shower, a lint brush, and a quick bottom of the shoes wash before i went out used to hide a great deal of my odd, animal infested life.

wish me luck and a lighter cast today!



I hope you do get a lighter cast-- it makes a world of difference. You feel like you don't have a cast at all.