Rescue Journal

Deb, Carol - Carl is just fine

Jean  ·  Jan. 25, 2007

Carl was waiting by the barn doors when I arrived this morning, and came walking towards me as soon as I entered the pasture, then followed me right into the barn.

He was a bit skittish about coming in any further than the donkeys' stall, but eventually couldn't resist his feed any longer and settled right down, even letting me brush past him to feed the sheep and Spritely. In fact, when he was done, I had trouble getting him OUT of the barn - I think he has his days and nights confused!

Carol, I did add some alfalfa pellets to his grain this morning as he missed dinner last night.

Spritely did not eat all her breakfast and was very slow moving this morning - she isn't holding her bad leg up but it is not looking good and she is walking on the toe of it and dragging it. I will check it right after work (or as soon as I can get home) today and call you if it has not settled back down with exercise.

Oh, and Edna has taken up with that little black and white rooster (is that Jerome?) (I think it's a rooster - what do I know about chickens?:) ) . They were strutting around side by side this morning - cute!



This evening Carl was making darn sure he didn't spend the night in the trees....he was at the barn doors with the rest of the crew when I went to do the evening feed; he actually went into the barn before the sheep (I had to get him to move so I could put them in their stall); he watched over my shoulder while I prepared the feed and he happily snacked apples and carrots right from my hand. He didn't even flee when a couple of visitors arrived or later when Eva, Julie, me, and Carol in her wheelchair were all cluttering up the aisle and talking loudly or when I brought Spritely back out of her stall for her footbath. He's such a good llama and it's good to see he's back to his normal little alien self. I expect he'll sleep well tonight.


Thank God! I was envisioning all the awful things that can happen to a Loopy Llama in the cold and dark lower pasture.
Thanks Jean.