Rescue Journal

my challenge for the day

Alison  ·  Jan. 27, 2007

is to figure out how i can do the dump more thing i can take off the volunteers that i should be able to do with some intial help on loading. (once at the dump i can sit on the bumper and just toss out the bags into the bins.) i have been thinking about this since last night and have a workable plan!

i am washing my hair and i really want to give my bedroom a good, thorough cleaning (i think sam and endora are peeing under my bed, stop that you guys!)

i woke up at 7 am to the phone ringing and a really itchy foot! maude disappeared with the kerfuffle of carol trying to get out of bed fast!

i have a few emails and messages to deal with about dogs and cats in need none of which i want to deal with because the answer is no.

looking forward to today, everyone is safe at home here and it sounds like we have 3 new sets of visitors today ( i like meeting new people) plus our regular weekend happiness providers are coming today looks like a busy day!



Oops, sorry Carol, I jumped the gun on the dump run - I loaded my truck with my own garbage right after Charley's run this morning and then came over there and got yours without seeing your email or your post.

I'll leave the next one for you to do.


if you want to wait for me to get some stuff out of the dog room, i can come with you.