Rescue Journal

oh, my poor little foot!

Alison  ·  Jan. 30, 2007

i couldn't wait til someone was here to try out my new bath bench so i did it tonight on my own and it worked great. but my foot looks so weak and pathetic, it looks squished flat and the color wasn't so great. i am glad i took the boot off, i think i had the air pockets a bit too tight. anyway, i gave it a good long soak, and dried it as gently as i would tend one of the critters sore feet. i must say, my hands are gentle, thank god at least i got that when they were handing out gifts (money, luck, and beauty wouldn't be near as helpful right now....ok, maybe they would.)

pops sat on the toilet seat to supervise, he almost drooled on me twice, yuck. lexie and maude flanked the wheelchair in the doorway, just in case i decided to escape without their notice. and stripe sat on top of all my towels and clean pj's and gave me a swat when i made her move.

so just in case anyone cares...i now have a clean foot for the first time in 2 weeks (how gross is that??!!) and i had a whole fascinated audience who witnessed the transformation. nothing like having furry friends who are interested in what you are doing.



I'm sure you poor little foot feels better now that she's had a bath. she can sleep better now in her cast and get well again.


Too funny! Do any of them ever jump in the tub with you? (I remember my water-loving lab doing this to me one time when she was a pup; I can just imagine Tyra, Dexter, and all the other water-loving SAINTS trying to squeeze into your tiny bathroom!) :)