Rescue Journal

todays funny shorts

Alison  ·  Jan. 30, 2007

sandy got his collar caught in the strap on jacks coat. so jack tries to turn and walk right, sandy tries to turn and walk left...both of them pulling in opposite directions and neither making an inch of headway. i was laughing at the both of their confusion and mo set them free. (mo is nicer than i am)

lexie is absolutely fed up with not hanging out with me. so she sits outside in the dark and stares thru the kitchen window to make sure i feel the right amount of guilt instead of going back into the dog room with the nice warm fireplace. woof, woof, woof every two minutes til i finally broke down and brought her in the kitchen (lexie doesn't waste her energy with woofing to often). maudie literally rolled her eyes with lex's arrival and jumped the gate and went to bed without a word. she didn't even bother to ask me to join her. that is exactly the same kind of silent treatment my ex used to give me when he came home from work and found yet another new, old, wrecked dog on the couch.

later, lexie sharing my mr. christie peanut butter pirate cookie...i pop a piece in her mouth, she immediately spits it out right back onto the floor. little intensely interested and watching closely, sandy is flabbergasted at the rejection and after a minute of frozen, silent disbelief, he ever so slowly stretched his neck over to pick it up and ate it for her.

norton after dumping over the garbage, is head deep in trash with his nose stuck in an almost empty can of dog food, the dog food was all gone, but there were 2 soggy tea bags stuck in the bottom, oh yummy stuff norton. mo got it back without getting bit cuz i distracted him with a cheese slice.

lola's new mode of transportation, apparently my wheelchair is now public transit, with convenient user friendly stops. it gets her from room to room without the effort of having to walk, and it is free.



Your comment about Lexie's "one woof every two minutes" - that is so funny, that's exactly what Charley does too! (For blog readers not familiar with SAINTS' Lexie and my own dog Charley, Carol and I think they may actually be from the same litter - they are the same age, both come from Mission, and they are SO alike in looks and personality!).

Who needs television when the animals provide so much live entertainment, eh?