Rescue Journal

drugs can be your friends (if taken as prescribed)

Alison  ·  Jan. 31, 2007

so....i was pretty amazed that when i fell and broke my ankle, i did not hurt anything else cuz i was airborn after i heard the ankle snap and then came full down on hard cement. it occurs to me today since i have just finally stopped the pain killers, that maybe it wasn't such a miracle after all. there is a real sore spot half way up the same leg, just below the knee, and my back and neck are toast today...hmmm. this sucks cuz i am heading out to the barn on those dratted, awkward crutches to walk (not really walk) greg thru the feeding/turn out routine. sigh...wednsday challenge number one, here we go.....



i do not think it is a DVT.....just a sore spot. and i have been taking an asprin a day to keep the clots far away.... (i am such a good little patient) the barn went well, and i managed to crutch back thru the yard to home! maybe the crutches are my friends too.


Carol, pain, behind your knee? And you just had surgery on that leg... clot? But you will know all about that stuff! Be good!