Rescue Journal

at the end of a day

Alison  ·  Feb. 3, 2007

it is funny how quiet the end of the day becomes. this morning i was rushing to get the floors done before everyone arrived. a quick call from CAC re a dog to go down in less than an hour, so a quick trip to chilliwack to see if he would fit here. what a great dog, one of those middle aged, big black labs with hearts the size of manhattan, a good, sensible brain in his head, and a soft nature; mans best friend at his finest. not really old or sick or injured enough for here. his lameness i think was an old hip injury with muscle wasting that got worse being confined in a kennel. but not an acute injury and easily managed with some pain meds which trina had on hand. i left him there, his euth was cancelled, this is one of those great dogs if someone knows someone who is great too and wants a friend. his name is rocky. i hope someone adopts him, and if they run out of space again, trina can call and i will take him. but the really great news is the people who came out here to help today, also helped the chilliwack dogs...some went out to chilliwack and transported five of the dogs down to vancouver shelter to give chilliwack some much needed room. now that is animal rescue in it's glowing light. staff from 2 different shelters, chilliwack in need and vas there to help and everyday people willing to work together to get those dogs to a place that had space to shelter them. that was the best thing i have seen in a long while. thank you, the people here, trina and vas, way to go everyone!

the trees got stacked and the chickens got a good cleaning, and the food got sorted, the fields got scooped, the horses were groomed and spritely's leg was hosed and moses had a wonderous end of life feast with people who cared. it was a good day, full to the brim with kindness. as the darkness falls and the dogs quietly sleep in their beds, their hearts are content with living another good day. and so am i. and maybe moses will perk up for awhile, i hope so, he is greatly loved.

a blessing on everyone who came thru our gates today and made the world so much better for so very many, both the saints and the chilliwack dogs who needed some help too. it is a good world.



lol...i looked pretty darn close at fly's rotten one in sight so i could pretend he was a wrecked senior and he'd have been here! sad sigh, i was kind of hoping that rocky would come your way too, he is such a nice dog.

copper almost got the whole freaking pan of brownies...i was watching and laughing, mo had her back to him, big mistake!


All 5 are here now, and a call has already gone out to a sweet family that, while not successful in adopting a puppy they wanted recently, may want to meet Fly ("Lambchop" is a cute moniker, but this dog already had a name,to which he responds). He won't be here long....
Sheba, Marnie, Leroy, Fly and Max are all settling in well. Thanks so much to the people who brought them all to their new, temporary home. Thanks also to Trina.....thank God she's back.
I hear Copper likes brownies. Beagle Bastard. :o


By the time I left work, 3 of our new dogs had arrived... a male maltese X (Amy named him Lambchop), a lovely female shepherd X (Marnie), and a big ole Rotty X Raccoon that I christened Leroy - as in "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown, he's the baddest dog in the whole damn pound" Poor guy had licked his new neuter incision into a bit of a Bad Leroy Brown is now wearing a cone.

He really does look like a raccoon; I'm not joking. :) Now we can all sing him his silly theme song as he gets used to his new home.

Hope you all had a fun day; watching new dogs arrive in the cars of people I had never met before was more than a little bit cool. I'm sorry to have missed the final two - but I will meet them in the morning.

Thanks to all who helped out all kinds of dogs and other animals today!


So nice to meet so many new people - and to put faces to names - and to meet people who heard of us through the columns in the Post or read the blog or saw us in the Sun and have now become part of the SAINTS family of volunteers. Many hands made light work - the place looks great!
And for inquiring minds that want to know....the donkeys have already figured out the new lock on the barn door. Fortunately, they couldn't get the carabiner clip all the way off, and the chain held the two doors together, but they did screw things up and get the bolt undone. I swear we're gonna have to go to a padlock to keep them out - though I wouldn't put it past them to learn to pick the lock. Rotten beasties. Good thing they're so darn cute and loveable.

Chris T

It was an awesome day! Thanks to everyone who came out! It was great to meet everyone.