Rescue Journal

to anyone new coming out today....

Alison  ·  Feb. 3, 2007

A. i have my cell on me so if you get lost, just call 604-826-8319 or 604-339-5144 and i will re-direct you.

B. normally i am nicer and brighter and funnier than i am now so you will like me more in 3 months time.

C. don't be shy, feel free to rifle thru the fridge, use the bathroom, dig thru the cupboards, make tea or coffee and wander around where ever, when ever you want.

D. don't knock, just walk in like everyone else.

E. you can ask any question or make any suggestion that pops into your head.

F. the only rule is, make sure every gate and door is securely latched when you go thru it.

G. feel free to have fun, happiness is catchy, you feel it, others feel it and the animals feel it and then i feel it too.

H. my thanks in advance and my sincerest wish for a really great day for everyone.

for the others who have been here before...looking forward to seeing you again, and thank you once more for being so good to us all.



Can't come today, but is tomorrow okay? (around 11:00am). I still have Christmas treats for the dogs & cats. Also, I can poop scoop for you tomorrow.