Rescue Journal

cedric is in significant distress tonight

Alison  ·  Feb. 7, 2007

he woke up about an hour ago after a fine and uneventful day. now he is in obvious distress and i am pretty sure in a fair amount of pain. i spoke with colleen but she is out of town til around 9:30 tonight so til she can get back, we agreed i would give him some tramadol and see if it helps him to settle. if he becomes critical before that time i will take him to the emergency clinic in langley. but the bottom line is if we can't get him settled and comfortable given his serious cardiac and lung disease, we won't be looking too much further because his little body has been hanging by a thread from the day he arrived.



i am so very sorry mo, i feel like i have stolen your 2 closest heart dogs in less than 2 days.

but we lose them because they are so very old and sick and frail. and we forget how fragile they really are because they forget it too.

the more i think of it, i am pretty sure it was cedric's spine that went so quickly tonight. he fell off his raised bed (like he does at least once evry day) earlier this evening and before that he was fine. colleen felt his pain was in the upper kidney, lower spinal area. and i saw no point in putting him thru xrays, since whatever it was we weren't even going to try to fix, he was just too old and sick to even try. and in retrospect, he had that same hunched appearence as ralphie had when he blew his spinal disc. but i am not sure, why he hurt so much, but whatever it was it wasn't something simple because the tramadole barely touched the pain. he was periodically spasming and it must of really hurt when the spasms hit because he was biting and attacking the medal dog bed legs, my wheelchair, the steel bowls and finally at the vets my hand, at one point he was biting my wheelchair arm so hard i thought he would break off his teeth.
i feel stunned and i am not even taking his loss in yet. it just doesn't feel like it's real.


Oh No, I'm praying the little guy is just going to pull a " Jackie " & be fine .... as I type this I we tend to lose them in little clusters ? if so , is it because of their ages being what they are & it is simply their time ? or when one passes does he lead the way for others that are close and make their journey easier ? Has Moses started down a path & Cedric wants to follow ? I'm going to pray he's just having a rough night.. Give him a hug & tell him I'll be there Saturday !

Hugs to you.. hope all goes well.