Rescue Journal

Run free, Cedric.

Jean  ·  Feb. 7, 2007

Just after 10 PM tonight, Cedric was released from his pain as Carol kissed his face and told him how very much he is loved. He slipped quickly and peacefully from this life to the next.

Cedric, you were our little trooper with your funny hopping gait and your raspy breath and your chattering little teeth. You came to us matted and arthritic and wrecked but you filled our lives with laughter and joy. The hole you leave in our hearts is at least a hundred times the size of your little crippled body.

Cedric, you shall be so very much missed. With Moses by your side, may you run as a pup once more in the meadows at the Rainbow Bridge.



Ced, I thought you would be the one to defy nature and go on living forever, just because I love you, and wanted to see your sweet, goofy face, teeth chattering or not, every time I went by the little dog room.
No more pain and confusion for you, sweetheart boy. Please say hello to Francis, Moses, Baby Jack, Wee Hopeful Bug and the rest of the special Saints. Tell them we love them still.

Chris T

Awww, poor Cedric. Rest easy little one. SAINTS will not be the same without you.