Rescue Journal

friday morning at saints

Alison  ·  Feb. 9, 2007

i did the vet run this morning, tigger woods is already home with his sutures removed. ellen will pick up trev and bring him home at the end of the day. i told the vets they would have to sedate trev because mr. ping pong ball was not going to sit still (remember the advantage application turmoil?) was met with some doubt but they phoned before i even got home with the news they were sedating him. since he is there, they will do some bloodwork to see if the demodex is from systemic causes and sarah thought his lungs sounded a bit raspy so they might as well xray his chest too but i think it was just stress. in any case he will have a complete and up to date medical profile for his new adoptive home (as soon as we find it) so that will be nice. that doesn't happen very often cuz for the really old guys, what isn't currently bugging them and we don't go looking for what we can't fix, we just diagnose and treat symptoms so they can feel good and have fun. but trev isn't old so he gets the full meal deal, even if he would rather pass on all the attention.

when i got home, i took a detour out to the fields to have a look at how everything was shaping up...omg, it is going to be soooo great! i am really pleased with how it is all coming together. i think the barnyard guys are getting a bit bored with all of the racket tho...they all had that resigned, long suffering look. they are waiting to have their world back again without human busy-body-ness in full play. sorry guys, but it will be safer for all of you and better for spritely's sore leg.

someone flipped wilbur's "on" switch on high, he has been a little maniac today. he even had maudie trying to play with him except he was strutting around like he was captain crunch and she decided that maybe he might hurt her so she left. he is so funny when he is in a playful, full of himself mood. that dog thinks he's a pretty big guy!