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Pippa update

Guest  ·  Feb. 9, 2007

I'm not sure how this works. However, I thought I would try it so that I could let everyone know how well little Pippa is doing here in Vancouver,as it's been 2 1/2 months since Nicole very kindly brought her here from Saints.

She is doing very, very well !!!! She is happy, affectionate and wanders around the apartment and the patio in her own little tranquil world. She and Milo, my Jack Russell (also from Carol) get along famously. However, Michael my Chihuahua is still jealous of Pippa, but doesn't really do anything. He just glares at her and makes sure that she doesn't get more treats than he does.

The highlight of Pippa's day is visiting her previous owner, Eileen in her care residence. She is actually 96 (not 93 as I previously thought) However at that age, I'm not sure it really matters. Pippa usually has a nice sleep with Eileen on the bed. Or if Eileen is sitting up, she quietly sits on her knee. Both are quite content just to sit quietly together. Eileen is very, very depressed and having Pippa has makes all the difference in the world to her.

Pippa has had a complete check up by the vet and is on her second course of antibiotics for her infected mouth and teeth. She goes on them for ten days and then is off them for a month and then on again. I was a bit reluctant to have her on so many antibiotics, but when I saw how much better her mouth was after the first course and how much better her breath smelled, then I decide that I would continue them. Also, she has a growth on her right lip (which unfortunately can't be removed as she cannot withstand an anesthetic)and while the antibiotics will not shrink it, they will stop it from becoming infected. The vet said that although she is old and frail and very thin (she eats like a small horse) her heart is very strong and she can continue on and on.

So that's an update of dear little Pippa who is sitting on my knee as I type. She will be coming back to Saints for a 2 week visit while I go to England and Carol which she knows rather than going to the kennel with my other 2 dogs. However, before she goes she will be going to the groomer so she will look beautiful.

Pippa sends Carol and Nicole and everyone else out at Saints all her love and thanks you for lookng after her so well.

Johanna Hickey



ahhh norton, almost one of a kind (but with winston and copper, he makes three)

Johanna Hickey

Not to worry !! Pippa is going to an excellent groomer who is highly recommended by my vet. She will get a very nice hair cut. She has to have the hair cut around her eyes and her ears especially otherwise it bothers her and around her rear-end as she is sometimes loose and smells. (the poor dog freqently gets her bottom washed.)

Not to worry about Milo being offended. Don't you remember the performanc he put on at The Open House last summer when he saw Gideon !!

All the best to everyone at Saints,



hey...where is the edit button?...above post should read "for everyone who never had the chance to meet milo...."...sheesh, i made that poor, really nice dog sound like a terror...sorry milo sweetie, you are and always were a good dog!


hey johanna...sounds like the pipsqueak is holding her own. i am sorry to hear about the teeth and the growth on her hip tho, still not bad for such an ancient little girl. ha ha...chris told me we couldn't touch her hair when she is here, eileen was horrified at her shaved poodle doo.... smart move to get her groomed before she comes! and for everyone who never had to meet milo (he was from several years ago), he is a great little dog. so much happier and comfortable in himself since he found johanna too.

and anyone who goes near pippa with scissors during her visit is going to be explaining themselves to eileen. i promise i will protect her hair with my life!


Johanna, Pippa's story has made me smile so many times, just thinking of how wonderful it is for both Pippa and Eileen to be able to see each other once again. Thank you so much for giving a loving home to Pippa, and for sending us periodic updates. It is truly a "happily-ever-after" story.