Rescue Journal

snap shots at saints

Alison  ·  Feb. 10, 2007

we would have had actual pictures but nicole's camera was far away.

dexter on a 24 hour tennis ball one point he had like 20 and this morning he managed to get one of them down to the lower pasture for sheila to toss around for him.

tunie-fish sacked out in the sun on the grass in the backyard surrounded by a dozen dogs and then wide awake and right in the middle of the pack when her cookies were being given away.

cole being a grump to norton then apologizing to mo for being a jerk.

edna running full speed across the chicken coop, the second she spied cathy with those berries she brought them last week. that chicken runs fast!

carol finally able to crutch down to the lower pasture with all of the dogs (i love our new walking path!)

and norton in total love and longing and watching mo leave here today...his face at the gate and a quiet woof, woof as she drove away without him. geez norton, nothing like making everyone sad!



everyone can be a jerk sometimes, including it is ok besides the dogs are way more honest about it. good lord, even dex was telling trev to get the heck away from his ball. i had to laugh when coles colors were shining thru yesterday...he wasn't the least bit ashamed of riding nortons butt, he was just sorry we didn't agree.
i love dogs, they always say it like it is but they try really hard for us sometimes, not to.

but i will say that norton's jerkoidness doesn't extend over to you. i watched in awe as you lifted up his monsterous ears and were peering right deep down mo i don't even try that with him... i feel lucky that he lets me tentatively touch them at all!


Crap, I caught that woof, woof, as I was pulling out, and I felt so bad & then his face peering at me through the slates of the through the fence , he is a cool dog & yes.. I know.. he CAN be a jerk.. doesn't mean he always is one... I bet that guy has been through a heck of a lot in his days & I'm so happy he landed at SAINTS.I keep thinking of the Honey Mooners & in my head hearing " to the Moon Norton , to the Moon"

Chris T

That is sweet! I am so happy that Norton has found someone he can connect with.