Rescue Journal

More snapshots!

Jean  ·  Feb. 11, 2007

Picture me, in the back yard at SAINTS, lying on top of Tunie against the chicken coop fence. Picture Janice, wrestling with Tunie's back feet trying to clip her long nails which are again affecting her ability to walk. Picture Mo, hunched over near Tunie's and my heads, face tense with the stress of listening to Tunie screaming.

Picture Carol, practically RUNNING on her crutches to reach her sweet Loony-Tunes, tears on her cheeks, unable to withstand the screaming which was clearly audible in the house (and probably all the way to Maple Ridge!).

Nicole, you and your camera should have been there! LOL

Poor Tunie. Of course, Carol got to play the good guy by bringing the Melba Toasts to feed her and let her think none of this was her idea and Janice, Mo and I were just horrible people to torture them both this way.

Of course, that didn't stop us from doing it again (this time with Vanessa for reinforcement) to get to the front feet. Only this time, Carol was down on the ground with us, stroking Tunie's ears and whispering to her as I pig-wrestled in the mud and grass. time, Carol, we're switching places!

Fortunately Tunie is one very forgiving pig and within a few minutes of release ate the apple slices I offered and chattered softly with me as she took the fresh hay I gave her and rearranged her bed for a long nap after her exhausting, torturous adventure.

Tunie, you are such a very good pig. I'm so sorry we had to frighten you like that. But you will be able to run so much faster the next time you see Janice enter the yard! LOL



And she screamed just as loudly when you were there as when you weren't, Carol! LOL I don't think you have anything to apologize for.
It may not have been a pleasant experience for any of us - least of all, Tunie - but she is already walking better and I'm sure she must be much more comfortable now.


Well it was quite a bit differnt from the last times Carol.. and with her increased mobility since she arrived, well she is a speeding Tunie.

But sedation kills these guys all the time and 'todays ' methods are being taught at annual symposiums in the States by sponcoring Universities.

I feel bad because I know how i felt about doing that to my precious Willy when i only had one pig. It goes against everything naturel in me. And this is what i have had to over come in order to care for this very much loved but hsyterical speices. lol.

It really hurts us more then it does them.. They are pretty dramatic. But it still hurts me to know there is nothing they fear more then restraint and I pretty well cry every time i have to.

You and your volunteers were very brave as i know how diffiuclt this was for you all to be a part of.


it is a good thing it is not on film cuz i was pretty upset. i should gone out with you guys in the first place, that was my job to be there with her. the only one who owes tunie an apology is me.
thx for helping her today janice, i really enjoy your visits. there is a freedom in being with you cuz you live the exactly same life only some of the specifics are different.


Janice, I will make sure that she gets a greens and strawberry salad, minus the broccoli, the next time I'm out to do the barn.


Oh and it would of been a hoot to get "Carol on cruches" to the rescue on film. lol.

I really enjoyed my visit with you all today. I think i had three cats on my lap at one time.. all the great GREAT dogs there. Taking them to the magic pond for a quick dip and a race for the ball. Carol insisting she come part way for the dogs who turned back in search of her. Handing out dog cookies and simply amazing how polite each and every one of them are as they waited there turn for me to pop one in there. So many cute.

Thanks for a great day and sorry Tunie


Okay good because when i went back to the barn to get my pail she let me know exactley how she felt about me. lol. In her rant however she did stretch out and show me her beautious toes.

She has been stressed however and this is why i handed you the syringe this afternoon. 3mls per 100 lbs so squirt that from the top of her head in a line down to the base of her tail. I think i gave you 5-6 mls . So you will use it all and she will need to be done again in 14 days.

I would do it the very next time you see her before the onset of a stress related out break occurs.

Some one make that pig a nice salad for me will you for her candlelight diner. I meant to grab a pear for her today when i was done but in my haste i forgot it here. I think she mentioned strawberry's to me today but there is nothing like a low calorie big salad to drive out the winter blues and get the naturel diet of greens into her. ps she hates broccoi...


Well, if the weather is fine, we could dine on my patio. After all, I'm sure Carol wouldn't approve of candlelight in the barn (she's on a safety kick right now, I hear), and a lady must dine by candlelight, don't you think? Helps hide the wrinkles and gives her a rosy glow. And so refined, with white linens and fine china. The meal, of course, will be vegetarian. Some tasty greens, slightly steamed baby carrots, a pumpkin scone or two, and some apple and melon slices for dessert - with melba toasts, of course.


Yes Petunia, I know exactly what you mean about strangers working on your fingers and toes. I had mine chomped, errr, I mean clipped, by that funny daisy faced 4-legged little thing the other night, you know the one, his name sounds like Popper, or Hopper, something metalish... ah, now I remember... It's COPPER! But I also put on a brave face, because I knew it was for a higher cause... We gals must always be above the moment.
Thank-you for your kind invitation, I look forward to spending time with you. Will we be dining in your formal dining room, the one down the hall, 2nd door on your right? I just thought I'd ask, because I absolutely love what you've done in there and I'd like to bring a wine that not only compliments the menu, but also captures your exquisit taste. See you soon Petunia.

Ooooh, I am so excited... I'll be dining with Tunie!!!!!


She was just fine when I put her to bed, Janice. All is forgiven - or at least, she forgave me because she wanted her piggy pellets and her apple slice. She grunted and snuffled and oinked her way through her food and then snuggled happily into her hay (I gave her a bit of fresh stuff which she really likes). She will sleep well tonight, I expect.
Thanks again for your help today. Let me know when you want an experienced pig-wrestler to help with yours.


Well, it's about time someone asked me for my view of the events around here.
It goes without saying that I am one fine looking pig. Even the dogs recognize that I am beautiful - big and beautiful is IN, people, not those silly skinny anorexic looking humans in the magazines and on television commercials. (And by the way, Carol, I STILL don't have my own TV and DVD player. Why do the dogs rate TWO of them, while yours truly, Pig Extraordinaire, has NONE?).
Anyway, back to your insightful comments, Ellen. Us women have to put up with a lot of torture to look beautiful. Piggy pedicures are NOT fun. I must admit my poor tootsies feel much better now, as does my senstive skin where my nails were sticking me. But if that woman ever comes within 100 yards of me with her damn bolt-cutter nail clippers, she's TOAST! and I don't mean the yummy Melba kind.
Anyway, I'm off for my beauty rest now. Thank you for asking for my opinion, Ellen. You may visit me any time. I'll save a piece of toast for you. Perhaps you could bring the wine?


Oh Petunia... What a day you have had. You must be looking splendid now. Do you think you might have a just a wee bit of energy left after your grand makeover, to share with us readers, how it feels to be the best looking gal on the property. I hear you have been turning quite a few heads... Please tell us... Your devoted staff are anxious to hear.