Rescue Journal

updates and oops....

Alison  ·  Feb. 12, 2007

i just realized that out of the 21 cats who live here, 6 are living in my bedroom, 4 are living in the kitchen, 5 are living in the sick cat room, 1 is in with the bunnies and only 5 still live in the main designated cat room. hey you guys, we have a BIG CAT ROOM with a BIG OUTSIDE CAT RUN, get the heck back in there where you belong! (apparently if you give cats an inch, they take over the whole gawd darn house.)

trevors skin looks alot better today and maybe he is not quite so itchy. i think he is feeling better, he sure was a perky ball freak today.

michael is confused, he thinks when he encounters a wheelchair blocking his path, he is supposed to keep moving forward right into it instead of walking around.

jack and mable may are both wrapped up in blankets and sleeping together on one of the beds tonight, gosh they look so cute together.

i am wondering if norton has a mild case of pancreatitis, he is not feeling great the past couple of days and he has that i don't feel so great look. not that it stops him from eating, he would have to be dead and buried not to be in your face for treats. since he is also a horrid cat box raider, it is highly likely cuz cat poop is really high in fat. i will keep an eye on him and have started him on some gastro meds. if he hasn't popped up in a day or two i will figure out some way to herd that uncooperative, prickly, stumby legged, long eared, beast over to the vets. norton, you are such a pain.

spritely's leg looks great!

a bunch of the little guys all had baths yesterday so they all look pretty good too.

the big guys are waiting for deb to come on wednsday, they really, really want a run!



Good, then they'll get runs two days in a row. :)
That sounds really bad..........and messy.


If my washer repairperson comes here when he's supposed to early tomorrow afternoon, I should be able to get to SAINTS in lots of time to take the big dogs for a run when I do the evening feed. I managed five at a time last week - maybe I'll try seven this week??

Mabel Mae and Jack are sooooo cute together. Well, they are cute apart too. They are both just plain cute! And I'm glad to hear Trev is doing well.