Rescue Journal

one month

Alison  ·  Feb. 13, 2007

it is funny how our milestones change from freedom to use the washroom on my own to driving my van into town. i can now do most of the in-house basics, and a few of the ones not inside. there is still alot that is beyond me and still a long way to go....but time is ticking forward and i assume my ankle is healing well (i go for xrays next week so i will know then for sure). i am hoping once they see them they declare me a miracle and tell me i am free to walk a couple of months early. (it could happen you know!)

in the meantime, i need to figure out how to re-locate those cats back to their area. especially boo who has made my bed hers. she freaks out poor maudie in the middle of the night if maudie decides to move. and i really don't want 6 cats in my bedroom, including 2 that live under my bed. i want them in baskets and on couches and laying outside in the breeze on nice days.

in that month we have welcomed trev and mable and lost cedric and moses. and sad-man is happy, hank got the home of his dreams, and tigger woods has a normal face. our fields look wonderful and are safer and healthier for the big guys outside and the killer maple tree is just a memory, laying out on the ground.

a month ago today i was laying in the OR waiting to have a long sleep and all i could think about was the disaster of a broken bone and what that meant to all of us.

well it meant a great deal, and really not all that much too, cuz life just kept happening, like it always does.



ah but gail, sam and endora like it under the bed, just like they like the kitchen and the hallway and now the bathroom. it means they can trap humans in their travels and follow them around til someone feeds them. it means sam can jump up and drool on my face in the middle of the night. it means they sit by the tub and watch me bath while snacking cuz i now have a bowl in the bathroom for them too. it means that endora can follow my cereal bowl around as it wheels thru the kitchen and have the left over milk.
if i put them in the cat room, they will be mad. cuz they don't want to be in there, they like under the bed better (it has more access to what they want)
sam and endora are not shy frightened cats anymore, they are just stubborn and have claimed the parts of the house that they think are theirs.

Gail Glover

Carol: I have been checking your daily updates, especially since your unfortunate accident. I know how you feel about the animals in/on/under your bed and am certain who the two black ones are. I'm certainly not trying to tell you what to do, but I know if I had two two black cats still under MY bed, it would be time to re-assess their living quarters. Now that spring is coming, and you do have a lovely cat-friendly room, with an enclosed cat run, maybe it is time for them to make the big move. I think they have accepted you, and living there. Unfortunately my mom has no recollection of ever having two black cats, which quite frankly were her constant companions while they lived with her and did what they wanted, where they wanted. For your own mental peace of mind, have you considered moving them together to the cat room? Or do you think they may cause more grief than it is worth? I was happy to see their picture posted, and you can tell they are under the bed. It has been since Nov. 26th (the BIG SNOW DAY) since they arrived there, coming up to 3 months. So, if you think it wise, have you thought about getting them the heck out from under your bed permanently? Just wondering and am still thinking about them every day.
Gail Glover (responsible for Sam & Endora)
PS - When I saw and read about Mabel Mae, I instantly fell in love. I cannot take on that responsbility and have myself living with 5 animals unless I find a new place to live, but she sure is a cutie! I would love to come down and visit, when we come down that way, and will let you know if I can make that happen.


Yay! One month! wheeee! by the time you are all well and unstoppable again we should have all the kinks in the system worked out. Just in case you decide it would be fun to break something else. ;)