Rescue Journal

the vet is coming to see spritely

Alison  ·  Feb. 13, 2007

cathie mentioned this morning that it looks like the bottom of her hoof is falling off. since this what the vet warned us about i am really concerned...hopefully it is nothing but better safe than sorry and i want him to check it and make sure it is fine. fingers crossed that it is nothing.



i can't see anything falling off anywhere but cathie was pretty clear that she saw a separation between the hoof... in any case we will get the vet to check her just in case.

...what we are watching for as per the vet, (which will mean spritely's death if it ever happens) is the bone from her foot falling out the bottom of her hoof, thru the frog. that will mean that the entire foot structure is gone.

so far no sign of that and she is doing great. i think today is just a scare but since the vet hasn't seen her since early december, it wouldn't hurt to have him look and see.


Do you mean it looks like the frog ( toes under the hoof) is falling off or part of the hoof ?


And I noticed that one of the horses or donkeys has walked into the manure bin (that doesn't have any manure in it yet) and - um - made a deposit. Initiated it, so to speak. Right smack in the middle.

The dogs had a nice run. Well, not Norton, he had a very very very very slow walk. Tyra had a nice roll in the horsepoops. Bill ate a belly full of same. And Trevor and Dexter took turns (NOT!) fetching the tennis ball that Trev discovered in the meadow. Charley thinks everyone there is nuts and just did her own thing. Smart dog.


i have already been out to see it, it can wait til tomorrow, i think it is ok. but then what do i know, that's why i call the vets.
what i did notice however is that miss spritely sprocket spirit train was sometime in the past hour, out in the pond, her jacket edges are dripping wet and so are her legs and belly. greg also said she was flying around the pasture again.
for goodness sakes spritely, what exactly is wrong with walking sedately along the new path?


Maybe we should bathe it when I come to do the feeds tonight, so you can get a better look at it?

I'm still waiting for the washer repair guy who was supposed to be here at 2:00, the office now says he'll be here by 4:00 - he's not over at SAINTS is he? LOL.


the vet cancelled for today...too many emergencies. i guess we wait til tomorrow.


Oh, fingers, toes and paws crossed here too! Her leg has been doing so well lately and she has been in such good spirits most days when I've been there.