Rescue Journal

new incoming

Alison  ·  Feb. 14, 2007

a 14 yr old declawed hyperthyroid cat with attitude (ie she pretty much doesn't like anyone) and i think someone mentioned litter box issues but maybe that was a different cat. her senior caregiver has gone into care. i hope our new girl can make the adjustment here...(please be a rainbow, please be a rainbow, you can poop on the floor and be as cranky as you want but please be a rainbow and eat!...)...she will be coming early in march.

someone please remind me that i just gave away one of the last open cat spaces in case i forget.



geez deb, no self respecting cat would be caught dead carrying on like maudie.


Actually, just slide Maude-the-Pussy over to the cat column where she belongs, and then you are down a dog (which does not mean that you have space for another dog!)
Bitter? Me? No...........