Rescue Journal


Alison  ·  Feb. 15, 2007

the best part of living at saints is arguing with the animals. tonight i was going at it with trev. i tricked him off the couch so i could lay down and watch "survivor" but i was nice about it, i gave him a blanket and a ball in payment. so trev wasn't all that upset about my winning but he decided to make me pay more. he rolled his ball under the couch and then told me to go and get it. i said "no", he said "yes", and we went "no, yes," back and forth. i said "give me a break, my ankle is broken", he said "big freaking deal, someone cut off my leg."....ok, so he had a point.

then i spied a ball across the room, so i told him to go get that one. he wandered over but pretended he couldn't see it, yet it was 3 inches away from his nose. "geez trev, are you freaking blind! it's right there, go on and grab it!"...he looked at it again and sniffed at it and then said "no, this one stinks" he came back to the couch and looked underneath and went back to, "come on carol, get up and get me that one!"

"geez, you patchy, scabby three legged monster, i am missing my show!!!"...."look carol, come on, just look under here, come on, this is special"

so i slide to the floor and both of us peer underneath, and there are three balls right up against the back wall. "i can't reach that you moron, are you freaking nutz?"...but trev said, "oh yes you can!" grrrrrh, "i am going to kill you, what's wrong with that ball over there?"

"i want those ones" says trev. so up i balance on one wobbly foot and i pull the couch out a foot from the wall. then i climb up on top and reach way far down and grab him his three freaking balls. i give them to him and he happily lays down to play. i push the couch back up against the wall and lay down to watch my show. except it is over!

does anyone know who got voted off survivor tonight? cuz i missed the whole freaking thing while i was fighting with trev.


Chris T

I think if the game of survivor were being played at SAINTS Carol would be voted off first. I suspect the beagle would win.


I can't tell you who got voted off, but thanks for the laugh!! That's my Trevor!! LOL