Rescue Journal

crappy day in paradise

Alison  ·  Feb. 19, 2007

norton is done. i cannot get any meds into him with anything. no meds, no feeling better. i have booked the pet ambulance for noon. i spoke with the vet, we could try IV meds but frankly if there is no improvement and significant further deterioration with all of the oral meds since the 15th, then it is highly unlikely the IV's will make him better either. this is a pretty good indication that the liver is the source, with most likely an underlying cancer issue. i briefly toyed with the idea of giving it a shot, but i don't think it is fair to norton to spend his last days in a clinic on IV's feeling like crap with little hope of success. not a good ending for our crochety old guy, he hates people buggering around with him and i don't want him muzzled near the end.

so norton...i am so sorry but i don't know what else to do.

jenny can't weight bear today so she is staying in the barn and i have notified julie lee that she is not well.

eva is still sick so i am on my own today but thank god for cathy and john because they have offered to do up the bunnies.

ok...time to get thru today.



Lynne, around that place you don't want to do too much licking!! Eewwwww!

Hugs to Norton from me,too. He looked so sad and pathetic last night. I'm so sorry the meds didn't have the effect we had hoped for.


we are good, not to worry...i am licking and promising right around our buddy and touching and asking him how he is doing, every time i wander past. i will give him a hug for you too.


Carol, why don't you just give the place a lick and a promise today, and I'll do a really thorough job (including rabbits) tomorrow. You need your attention to be with Norton, poor old soul. Here's a big kiss and hug for him, would you deliver them for me please?