Rescue Journal

i will not shoot myself, i will not shoot myself...

Alison  ·  Feb. 20, 2007

oh wait, maybe after tomorrow i won't have to.....cuz someone else around here most likely will do it for me.

stayed tuned, no point in getting yelled at or injured til reality really truly does suck. here's hoping for a miracle.

both hannah and wesley are settling in...wesley got himself booted out of the kitchen and intp the dog room. why you ask? cuz he is a moron who thinks with his nose. one fight too many with the cats over food, sorry wes, that is against one of the big, no breaking rules. and IF you would listen when i tell you to stop, i might have given you more time to learn.

hannah's true prima donna colors are showing, i have seen her showing her teeth. but i will give this dog credit, both the lips and the head go right back down the second she finds herself busted by me. unlike wesley, hannah has a brain.

lola is not feeling well, i have switched her antibiotics so hopefully she will perk up soon.

and jack finally woke up again after 24 hours, pigged out and then went back to sleep.

greg just came in and told me that jenny is laying down in the field, her foot is really sore. julie lee is on top of it so hopefully she will be better soon too.

but greg also said all our guys have closed in and encircled her while she is resting, gosh they are great caregivers too.

colleen is starting work here tomorrow to help us fill in the gaps with eva off sick. welcome colleen, we will try not to kill you!



Okay, Carol, just leave us hanging ...what have you done???? Walked on your foot and royally screwed it up? Broken the other one? We're gonna find out sooner or later.
I'm bring some chains and padlocks tonight to keep you IN that you better 'fess up. LOL