Rescue Journal

The barn guys are out of sorts tonight

Jean  ·  Feb. 20, 2007

In all the time I've been doing the barn, I've never seen them so snappish and pushy and grumpy and out of character. Winston came over to the gate as soon as I entered the yard, and told me loudly and clearly to come and help Jenny - usually he's the quiet one. Poor Jenny looks terrible and could only manage a very quiet, weak bray for me. The animals were all hanging out at the side of the barn, Jenny leaning against the wall, Carl and Gideon to her right, Spritely to her left. Gomer Pyle alias Swinger horned in on Spritely and gave poor Jen a bite on the front shoulder; he might have just been saying "C'mon girl, you can make it to the barn" but I think it was more like "Ha ha I'm gonna pick on you 'cuz you can't run and I feel like being a jerk". Gideon pissed off Carl by trying to edge closer to Jenny and was rewarded with a spray of yellow spit in the face - the first time I've ever seen Carl spit.

On their behalf, I must say they went very nicely into their stalls. But Jenny was the last to come in, and only then with me coaxing and leading her - she had great difficulty stumbling to her stall. She also refused to take the apple with her meds, spit it out when I slid it into the side of her cheek, and was not happy with me when I shoved the dropper directly into the side of her mouth. Usually she takes her apple eagerly and is most cooperative with me.

The only bright moment was our wonderful Petunia, who I treated to a few baby spinach leaves and a couple of strawberries, for which I was rewarded with a happy piggy chuckle.

But seeing the barnguys so out of sorts left me feeling quite sad tonight. Sleep well, barnguys, tomorrow's a new day. And Jenny, please get well.



Oh Jean, I feel so bad for Jenny. She did exactly the same thing for Carol and me yesterday by refusing the apple with her meds and knocking it to the ground. I was only able to get her to take a bite, no more.

Jenny, please get well again. Spring will soon be here, with fresh young blades of grass to munch on and wonderful sunshine to bask in.

The rest of you barn guys, take care of Jenny please. Be kind and gentle to her.