Rescue Journal

a difficult decision

Alison  ·  Feb. 21, 2007

a young dog was hit by a car. he sustained a fracture in the sacral area. he has regained all ability to mobilize but like cole, his bowel and bladder function are compromised. the family recieved a poor prognosis today from the neurologist for any further recovery in this regard and have decided they cannot manage a fully incontinent dog. they are asking for admission to saints as a special needs status in order to avoid euthanization. we are full, we are beyond full. how do you weigh something so intangible like space against a life?

i hate these kind of decisions. i guess i am thinking tonight.



another hot bath, and another round of thinking thru. and we will have to say no to this dog at least for now.  i don't know for how long the family are able to manage. i need both my feet, full mobility and balance in order to express his bowel and bladder several times a day if he is unable to empty them without help. it took cole many months before his bladder emptied fully without help.
so not space but the disability of us both is the deciding factor. i am sorry buddy, i really am.