Rescue Journal

i am waiting for wesley to "get it"

Alison  ·  Feb. 21, 2007

he is unhappy being excluded from the kitchen. he was in there long enough to value the inner sanctum and is unhappy over it's loss. it saddens me because he doesn't "get it".... it was himself and his over reactions that banished him to the dog room, and it is only himself who can retrieve a place back in the kitchen where he so wants to be.

some dogs just don't understand about themselves. dogs like wesley certainly don't. it is all about him and how he is feeling and what he thinks he happens to need. he can't focus outside himself, he can't look at the bigger picture, he can't see how his behavior, actions and attitudes affect his ability to go freely where he needs. he really has poor social skills and he needs to work on those. he has no conception that as much as he is loved or valued, his individual needs are not always going to hold more value than the needs of the whole. and until he actually cares more about someone else than he does himself, it is not likely to change.

i am a firm believer in choices, but choices have consequences too. and until wesley chooses to relax, let go, cooperate and coexist in peace with the cats. he is not coming back into the kitchen.

come on wes, step outside of yourself and pay attention around you. the other animals have learned this lesson here, it is not so horrible that you need to learn it too. i don't like leaving you where you don't want to be, but until you get over with the over reacting, i can't let you back in. it upsets the peace and balance of everyone and this home belongs to everyone, it does not just belong to you.

i am waiting for you to stop being just a big, frustrated, sad lab and become all that you can be. you are a good dog wes (just a bit of a goofy pain in the neck).



Wes will come around, Carol. He's a sweet guy; sad and confused, but there's gentleness in his eyes that belies his anti-cat stance. He'll feel a lot better when he figures out that "Wesley" means him. He certainly looked relieved when his old name was used, and he knew someone was talking to him.
Wes, Tyra and MacKenzie were having a great time playing tag. Wesley had no hope in hell of keeping up with the girls, but he didn't seem to mind being perpetually "it".