Rescue Journal

good tired on a quiet night

Alison  ·  Feb. 22, 2007

the morning was nice with tish, kathy and heidi here. janice popped by just before i had to leave and had a rousing game of "toro" with ellie and a towel...she loved that game!!! she was flying around and spinning and flopped down on her side for a belly rub too. that baby is strong and fast tho, so if anyone is playing with her, make sure it doesn't end up into "tackle" cuz ellie will win.

3 and a half hours at the cast clinic and xray was boring....but i did get to go grocery shopping and my very favorite easter malted robins eggs are out so i got a bag of those, mmmm. my daughter promised not to make one comment about my eating habits, but she lied. she thought she was subtle when she asked "are you forgetting your fruits and vegetables?"...hey! i had 3 bags of apples and 3 bags of carrots in the cart, too bad she knew they were for the barn guys and bunnies.

i put the barn guys to bed, gosh i have really missed that so much. tunie had her treats and played with my cast. ellie tried to ripp off the velcro straps, she liked the noise of the velcro tearing. and she cried just like a little baby pig when i made her go to her bed, i felt kinda mean but it was bedtime. annie stood next to her gate so at least ellie didn't feel all alone.

carl tried a grahamn cracker but he spit right out, i guess he thought it was poison. spritely played the nose and mouth game and her faces were funnier than mine. jenny is marginally better tonight but she sure feels sorry for herself. and winston was actually sweet and polite for a change. gideon was gideon, just full of good common sense and good manners. he is such an utter joy to care for. and swinger as usual was a silly toad but he keeps a respectful eye on my crutches. i would be careful to never scare him with one but i don't mind that he doesn't know that.

as much as i missed them and these moments at night, the very best moment of all was as i crutched thru the darkening night, i looked up and saw my first star and my first quiet sky. it has been much too long.

the only bad thing that happen was jazz ambushed a crutch as i tried to sneak back thru the dog yard. but i got it back when she tried to carry it lengthwise thru an 18 inch open door. she bounced, and that was funny so i didn't mind that she stole it.



wow janice, good thought on ellie. she is going to have a good life for all of them.


A glimpse at the stars stolen for a moment only to retore ones soul are indeed a taste of peace, good feeligns and tranquil moments in a day with 100 needs on ones shoulder. Very good medicene.

That Elie is a hoot and when you meet her and see the pure joy and fun this pig throws up with the energy of a wound up toy remember those who will never experience this for them Elie. You have a big job to do.


next wednsday unless they get a bunch of emergencies. his bloodwork is back, neg for FIV/FeLV but probably a kidney cat (altho the vet said his kidney function might get better once those abcessed teeth are gone.)

oh, and i forgot... those golden shepx's, rex and king got a home today together with one of the vet clinic clients.
good work hillndale!


When is his surgery booked for? Poor little guy, but it sounds like he is living up to his name...

Get better soon, Cuddles


cuddles is staying at the vets til after his surgery so i haven't even met him yet...but the staff say he is a doll. i will try to get down and introduce myself to saint cuddles??? i am shuddering.