Rescue Journal

today is truth and consequences day

Alison  ·  Feb. 22, 2007

i am off to the cast clinic for my first follow up xray this afternoon. if there is a god, i would please like some slack here cuz i only put weight on it when i felt it was important (or a really necessary convenience). so i hope my surgeon says something nice, like go ahead a weight bear a little bit each day (i need her to say that, i don't need much just a few minutes here and there to make life a bit easier, then i'll be satisfied, i promise i will)

i went out to the barn to check on everyone this morning and ellie-mae surivived her first night. janice is right, tunie knows she is there and looked pretty darn perky this morning.

hannah has decided she is not going out the door and it is a given right now that i can't make her. so i will ask kathy please to get her on a leash and drag her out this morning to pee. because her bladder must be near to exploding and i would prefer that not happen in the kitchen.

i have to try not to forget to pick up cuddles on my way back home from town. i am working hard on remembering this, but i know i am going to forget and have to go back down



it is ok...all the hardware is still in all the right places. but i won't even start partial weight bearing for another 7 weeks and this is already week 5 so i thought i would for sure be completely up and running by 12 weeks apparently not. i start light physio soon tho.
i didn't get my miracle, but i didn't get heck either. of course i think that means that i can still cheat!