Rescue Journal

one of those days

Alison  ·  Feb. 23, 2007

not bad, not fabulous but one of those normal middle of the road days. i turned away another dog.

vadie stopped by with some lovely hand crafted pottery for the silent auction, and julie came to change jenny's bandage.

colleen had her ellie moment and i don't think she will ever be the same. she made the mistake of looking in ellie's eyes. (i had that same moment at janice's when i looked into rosie's eyes, janice said the shock is because the eyes are the same as ours and she is riight)

lynne came and has found her niche. and copper should soon be shedding some pounds. he currently looks like a waddling heart attack waiting to happen, so hopefully he gets into better shape.

andy is picking on wesley and he better knock it off soon. cuz wes is having trouble settling in there and andy is not helping either.

greg fixed the heaters which is good because we had a small fire in the socket. and the vet came to worm and vaccinate all the barn guys but once they watched swinger get his, they all buggered off. so i guess the vet has to come back again sigh. bratty beasts.

hannah had 2 minor altercations with maudie and michael (minor means no blood, just noise) so she got yelled at and sent to bed. she is a funny girl cuz i saw her thinking that MAYBE she could ignore me and i might just go away. not likely hannah, she went to bed.

cole buggered off the property AND he did not come back when i called. so i had to go looking for him and when i found him, he decided to play dumb. he was standing over in the riding school, about 100 feet from the road. i got out of the van and called him and he looked around everywhere but couldn't see me. soooo...i hobbled up the road and i called him some more and finally he saw where i was and then he decided he wasn't sure that he really knew me.soooooo, i hobbled further up the road til now he knew who i was and he came. i told him he was a good dog and i started to hobble back to the van, and ten feet away from it he, home is over this way and he TURNED AROUND and left. i could have killed him. soooo, i hobbled back up the road and called him and he decided i sounded a bit pissed so maybe he would just stand there and wait til i calmed down again.

soooooo...i hobbled back down the road to the van and i pulled a U'ie and pulled up across from him. and i got out of the van and opened the back and said "cole, get in this van" and he did. i told him he was a good boy, but i was lying and he knew it too. he is back where he belongs and he is not going out for a run til the fencing is finished on monday. is cole's fault that i was weight bearing today, not mine.



ahhh well, i won't have any trouble finding a playmate for ellie. colleen is obviously smitten by our little pinky wonder and i am too broken to play with that 100 pound plus, nutbar anyway. i want her taught some manners before i can walk again and she breaks something else on me. she is going to be 100 times more of a tank than jazz....but just as cute.


I am no longer a pork eater. I made a promise to myself with that, and I will promise Ellie in my mind. I KNOW I can't look in her beautiful eyes and say that. I want to be friends with her and she need not know anything of my dirty sordid past in that regard.

What FUN FUN FUN that tweetie is!! She makes my heart melt. She's packed full of joy, happiness, and intense light. Very much like a 4 year old child who thinks the world is good and decent. I pray to whomever, her life is always like that.

You're a splendid beautiful being Ellie.

Wes/ are thinking thinking thinking all the time. Try to stop thinking so much, it will give you a headache. Let it just be, for now. Try anyway buddy. I'll take you away for a bit on Monday, so you can get away from all the hoopla. Your recall sucks so you will be attached to my lunge lead. But you're so attentive when you want to be, it won't be long till you tell me you'll be a hip hugger.

A great day. 4 legged animals ( and 3! ) are the best ones.


lol...i was actually thinking about that. plus i gave the nice people at WCB the website address today because they are animal lovers too. i could suddenly find myself in a whole load of crap, but is freaking hard to be good when you live with cole!

Chris T

You better hope that your surgeon does not know about your blog or you will be in big trouble!!!