Rescue Journal

"pig on drugs"

Alison  ·  Feb. 24, 2007

that was nicole and mo's initial (and final ) impression of ellie-mae. they looked pretty stunned. julie mentioned that there was a pig ricocheting around the back yard too. spritely was definately not happy at bedtime with the little pink precocious princess, and cathy told me that apparently petunia had quite enough of her fussing and squealing to get out of her stall and waddled over to her gate to yell at her to "pipe down", then went back to bed. sigh. ellie is gonna be a handful.

murphy stopped by for a visit. he really looks good and he's happy. i got a few kisses while i sat in the car but i think he was pretty nervous to see me again. he was thinking he might get left here.

pippa is back for a couple of weeks while johanna is out of town. gosh she looks wonderful and i forgot how sweet she is, she is such a lovely little doll.

mable mae and purdy have moved over to deb and chris's so the cat room feels empty tonight again. i am glad that they both have the chance for a really great home and i am looking forward to sharing my next dinner over there with mable.

spritely's leg is swelling tonight so i doubled her quadrisol dose. i will get mo to give her a big dose at breakfast and maybe we can get it back down again.

swinger was rude to lynn in the barn tonight, but i hope lynn doesn't worry. swinger is a twit, and mostly hot air and he will quit that crap once he gets to know her.

jenny was resting her foot flat on the floor tonight. so that's an improvement and i hope she is well on the way to healing.

nicole is going to be here on tuesday when leila comes to give us some pointers on educating ellie. i said "pig trainer" would look good on a resume. somehow i don't think she believed me. if she had brought her vdieo camera like i told her to, you guys and i could have watched the film clips on the blog. and nicole could have added "pig cinematographer" to her resume too.


Chris T

Clio has just figured out there is a new dog in the house. Mable is laying in a little bed in my office. Clio just very gingerly walked by her - that dog can be so light on her feet. Don't worry Clio, Mable will like you and won't be mean to you.


I just let everyone out, and in the mad rush of 20 paws, I saw a little black and white blur. Maybee did her thing, kvetched a little with Piper, then came back in on her own. She just met Bella, and I think the conversation went something like:

"Hi, I'm Mabel, I'm new here."

"Yeah so?"

"I'm a dog, a Shih Tzu."

"Yeah so?"

"I'm friendly, and I like cats."

"Are you still here? Do I hear somebody talking?"

Maybee Baby is a doll! She lets me put in her ear and eye drops with no fuss. And cute!? She's an Ewok!

Chris T

Clio also has brain damage. She was likely the product of a backyard breeder gone really bad. The SPCA vet, who described her a train wreck, said that she was likely born with hydrocephalus and that caused the brain damage and the blindness. We don't care. She is our little love bug who now believes the world is her oyster and dammit you better serve me when I bark or you will regret it!!!


mable won't care about piper. and piper will eventually get bored. for me, mable was one of the dogs that grew on me (but really fast) cuz at first you don't realize how much dog is in that little hairy body. when deb used to talk about the royalty of the shitz, i didn't get it...but with mable now i do. it is not that they are demanding and spoiled rotten. it is that they are so self assured and strong and absolutely fine with the assumption that the world will form a perfect fit around them. i like that.

after knowing peter and mable, the knowledge that clio was so abused that it took her years of your care to find that ok-ness, really bothers me. i think it takes a whole lot of concentrated meanness to damage one of these lovely dogs to the extent that clio was hurt.

Chris T

Little Mable slept hard last night. I don't think she moved all night. She was right where I left her, even in the same position. We went for a leash walk this morning as I did not want her wandering the 1/2 acre which she was doing yesterday. I do not have rubber boots to go out and fetch her and no one else was up.

Carol, she is even cuter now! Her face is trimmed and ears are shaved. As she walks they go up and down. It is quite funny! She seemed to eliminate a little easier this morning on the leash. She is a good little SAINT. Now, if we can just get Piper to give Mable some space!!


ok, i really miss mable. she was so ok with everything and everyone and most especially with herself. that was a treat.
why can't rocky be like that?!
you guys wanna trade her in for rocky? he might like your place better than mine. i suppose you could have both of them. i guess that would be ok too.


being subtle is for things you don't care about. i wanna see a video of an insane baby piglet zooming around. that would be funny.

no to worry johanna about anything...well...ok... maybe worry a little about pippa's bed. sam and endora have been draped all over it since it arrived...i will really try to get them out by bedtime cuz if i don't, the leaky princess will be sleeping on my bed, sigh.

i guess sam and endora are as subtle as me, apparently they want their own bed. how come i never knew this?
oh well now i know and we will get them one.


unsubtle hint taken carol, i will bring my camera out on tuesday.
Mable was cracking me up on the drive to eastridge, there is definitely nothing shy about her, she was pushy as could be in the car, trying to get in the back and not to taking no for an answer. I'm pretty sure she thinks she's about 3 not 15.

Chris T

Mable has taken a liking to the laundry room. It is warm and there is a nice soft bed in there for her. Her ears are feeling better. Deb shaved them so that the air can get underneath and help to clear up her infection. She has eaten and seems settled in for the night. Welcome Mable Mae!

Johanna Hickey

Thank you so much, Carol for letting Pippa come back to Saints while I'm away. I really do appreciate it.

I'm so glad that you think she looks good. We miss her already. The house is not the same without her. I'm so used to see her quietly wandering around or sleeping in her basket by my bed. Milo keeps looking for her and wonders where she is hiding.

She has such a sweet nature. All my other dogs were (or are as in the case of Milo and Michael) feisty little terriers with attitude (think Mighty Mouse !!) while Pipps is so gentle and loving.

I'm off to-morrow and will be back on March 9th. Hopefully Pippa will stay well and we will have a wonderful reunion.

Thanks, Nicole for driving her and her trousseau out to Saints and thank you Carol for looking after her so well. By the way the only things that I want back are Pippa, the little sweater that she was wearing, her bed and her hot water bottle.

All the best to everyone out at Saints and thank you for everything you are doing.



Mabee Baby has settled in well. There's not a shy bone in that little soul's body. Piper did her level best to drive Mabee crazy, but eventually she figured out that she was wasting her time.

Purdy is gorgeous! He is a lot like Tucker.....friendly but shy. He loves his new digs. An aquarium is no place for a Hedgehog, but his super-duper new cage is just fine. Purdy is a kisser. :) He's already kissed my ear, and he licked my fingers. It's nice to have a non-bastard Hedgehog in the family.