Rescue Journal

rememeber...a river ran thru us?

Alison  ·  Feb. 25, 2007

there are only a few people who will remermber river. he was with us for a few months in the summer of 2005. he was another of those plain jane middle aged pound dogs who sat there waiting at abby pound for months for a family who didn't care enough to go get him.

and like every single sentient creature on earth, he was absolutely wonderful in some respects and a pain in the butt in others. he had the softest, thickest fur. and he just adored every human he met. he was fine with the cats and the little dogs and he was good with any female dog too. and if you touched him he would flop to the floor for a belly rub and literally stay there forever. he loved tp play and if he went out off leash he stayed with his person just like he was supposed to do.

but river thought he was supposed to take out any male competition that happened his way. and despite how tough river thought he was, he really sucked at fighting. he never really met anyone who knew how to clean his clock well. or if he did, he never learned to watch his step.

anyway, i have been thinking on him lately and wondering how he was doing. i got a short note last night and apparently, he is doing just fine. they love that idiot moron, and they have planned his walking routes around a route that has dogs well confined inside fences. they are sending a DVD of our river and i can't wait for it to get here to watch.

there is not a single animal that i have taken in over the years, that i sometimes don't stop and remember and pray for their happiness and safety still. river wasn't that long ago but it seems like almost forever. until i remember some of the others that came long before even him. and i wonder if i chose well the homes that i trusted to love them forever. we all make mistakes but i better not have made any. my mistakes are for messing up my life, not theirs. it is nice to know that river is good. one less to worry about cuz i picked his home well.

my wish for today is that all my friends from the near and far past are happy, well loved and safe.



I remember River, he was a good guy & had this funny bump on his nose.. I'm so happy to hear he is happy & doing well .


lol, i remember that! butch was a sweet dog in every way and the toad was kind of scarey!


I remember River because he scared Butch real good. If River sucked at fighting Butch was worse and he thought River was reaaallly scary.....
The few times after that visist, Butch wouldn't get out of the car.