Rescue Journal

speaking of well loved and safe...

Alison  ·  Feb. 25, 2007

we just had a free for all out in the field. too many new dogs who don't know the rules, started learning one of them today.

don't chase my farm guys.

trev started it. he thinks he is a border collie and really just wants to herd the sheep around. hannah thought it looked like fun and so did rocky too. maude forgot she knew the rule and lost it when the chaos insued. maude remembered really quick when my airborne crutch connected with her side. problem one solved.

hannah decided that all of a sudden, in fact she did not recognise her name. but i think she remember it pretty quick and by the time we were finished she was sitting off leash, looking at me and not the sheep and llama 2 feet away.

trevor was harder cuz honestly, that dog is just a happy go lucky door knob. so mo put him on a leash and i jerked him off his feet a couple of times til he decided the sheep weren't all that fun. he will need reminding.

and rocky we just didn't bother with, he is too stressed to focus right now. so he is banned from off leash walking til he settles down and listens and then we will see what he can learn.

i was mad, i was mean, i was perfectly crystal clear. and no one can match my "you're dead meat " voice......except mo, when she yelled "GET OFF IT!!!!" ...sigh, she was yelling at me.

that was a fun, i didn't realize how bored i have been. i want to go out and do it again. but mo is mad at me and i am just like the dogs, trying to pretend i am good now too til she forgets. as a species, we really are not all that different.

hopefully she'll forget and we should all be able to go nutz again next weekend.

so that was the nutty stuff. but there was some beautiful peaceful moments before trevor went categorically insane.

i sat on the bench at the top of the hill and i got filled right up to the brim. i heard my favorite sounds, the sound of maudies feet as she raced around the gravel path along the pond. and the gentle wet splashing of dex as he waded and the crashing of tyra as she flew thru the water. i watched mo and all of the dogs from a distance and i have to tell you watching her and all those dogs really is a wonderful sight. and then after the chaos i got to watch her again with her two guys, dexter and ellie and that was even better. watching a pig and some dogs happily walking along a pond with a human is a very special thing to see. if we ever do get web camera's we are putting one right above that bench cuz that is where you can really see the magic of saints, right from the top of that hill.

we'll keep the cameras off the chaos areas with carol and the momentary joint insanity of her and the rest of the not-so-crippled crew. (but that is kinda fun too)



as much as i love ellie and think she is fun. tunie is more a peaceful companion for me. i gave her a bit of bread today so she knows i still love her best. tunie is a whole lot less stressful than that pink little tornado....i think we should have named her katrina.


Oh yea, when I yelled GET OFF IT .. I was talking about her foot.. she is a bad, bad girl !!


OMG I love Elli Mae , what a sweetheart she is, forget about trying to sweep the barn walk way, or fill water buckets .. or even make an attempt to taking a wheel-barrow full of poop to the poop-pile... Ellie is into everything & wants to know about everyting that is going on around her, & every once in awhile she gets a " yahhooo " moment & the next moment .. look out, she is off like a tornado & kicks up her heels.. I love this pig.