Rescue Journal

tyra is upset tonight

Alison  ·  Feb. 26, 2007

and wouldn't even come out with us when we went for our walk tonight. she has that "someone is mad at me" look, but no one is mad at her, tyra is a great and lovely dog. i am pulling her out of the dog room tonight and putting her back with me where she belongs. i don't ever want to see her unhappy especially when i don't know why. maybe rocky is stressing the dog room too much. i will hang out in there more and see.

but, it was a nice run in the upper field tonight. trev and maudie really had some fun. maudie rolled in more poop than cole and bill ate more than even that. i think that is why bill just lives forever, it has to be the high vegetarian content of his snacks. he is such a great, great dog. i hope he lives happy til he's 20!

low and behold, even andy joined us and he stayed brave til the very end til cole decided he'd had enough fun and chased andy back up to the house. come on cole, it takes him weeks to screw up his courage, ease up on the poor little guy. rocky is stone deaf still but it has to do with not listening and julie had to go and fetch him back. i won't be able to take him out on my own, but at least i can get him out a couple of evenings a week when someone is here. dexter got stuck on the pond side of the fence, he could not believe i wasn't going down there. but i was alone with all of the dogs so the upper field is safer. when julie came down she helped him back to the side the rest of us were on. the fencing is done and cole scouted the perimeter and i think he was ticked that we wrecked his fun. lexie as always was my very best shadow, but maude checked on me frequently too. the sooner we get back to normal again the better because we just have no schedule anymore and it sucks.

some days it is too snowy or wet or slippery for crutching, some days i am too tired or it has gotten too dark too fast. but tonight it was perfect except it was without tyra and that just didn't feel right at all.

anyway she is currently de-stuffing a ton of stuffies in the kitchen so i think she is over whatever upset her now.



tyra is not easily intimated, she can and will help anyone out with an attitude tune up if they need it...but she doesn't like continued stress either.


It may be Rocky. From what I've seen so far he likes that bed that is right inside the door of the fireplace room. A fantastico "toll bridge" for him to grump out at whomever walks past from the other room to that.....and he does. Is Tyra easily intimidated? Maybe he pissed her off enough that she lost her smile for a moment?

Although, they were fine on the stroll they did. Granted Rocky was on leash....


i gave her something even better!..i gave her an ice cream sundae cone. she is pretty darn cheerful now. she is a very good dog.


Aww, poor Tyra J. I hate that she thinks someone is mad at her! Tyra is so easy to please, and so full of joy, getting mad at her is a lesson in futility, and staying mad at her would be next to impossible. The girl is irrepressible, too full of happiness to be anything but lovable.
Give your girl a hug from me.