Rescue Journal

the quiet angels of the world.

Alison  ·  Feb. 28, 2007

lynn went to mission pound today and adopted "starbuck" an ancient, crippled dog who had been sitting in that pound waiting for someone to see him and care enough to take him home. he waited for 14 months. bless you lynn. and starbuck, i can't wait to meet you, welcome home buddy, everything will be alright now, lynn will keep you safe.



OMG, that is so wonderful! I met Starbuck when I visited there several months back and was so taken with him! Such a nice old guy! In fact, I subsequently looked at his picture on Petfinders several times since - including earlier today - thinking about him and wondering if I should go meet him again. Lynn, way to go! (And thank you for saving me from myself - he's a little big for my wee house!).