Rescue Journal

what a day!

Alison  ·  Feb. 28, 2007

i went into maple ridge to find the biggest, hugest dog crate available so we could transport ellie to the vet for her surgery on friday and i found it.

the vet came out and finished vaccinating all the barn guys.

colleen, greg, and eva were here for all the various things that needed doing.

a really nice couple of ladies came out from vancouver in the driving snow to meet and possibly adopt one of our cats. so i said hello and invited them in to meet everyone..and then all hell broke loose.

lynn came to take copper to the park, but he was out in the field so lynn went to get him but copper was gone, he had dug his way under the reinforced fence. so all of us went looking for him and none of us found him til he slipped back thru the hole on his own. then he ran to the fence and screamed his head off because he saw lynn and wanted to go for his walk. excuse my language but that beagle is a fat little bastard.

then all of a sudden colleen noticed that ellie was pale and shivering. i went out there and she was sick. i thought it was a reaction to the vaccines so i phoned the vet right away. he said it might be or it might be malignant hypothermic stress reaction so to cover both i needed to get an anti inflamatory medication and some high sugar content into her because if she went hypoglycemic, she was going to die. well, she wouldn't eat anything. we tried apples and bread and grahamn wafers, apple sauce and pig pellets too. but i did manage to syringe the medicine in her mouth, so at least one base was covered. she spiked a high fever and went to her bed and refused to open her eyes. we wrapped her in blankets and gave her a hot water bottle and i phoned back the vet cuz i was freaking, and i sat by her side and rubbed her and cried and then i thought to call janice. she gave me the number of the biggest pig rescuer guru known to man down in pennsylvania so i called him and he was really nice and helpful and told me some other things i could try but he also told me that pigs die really fast. and then the vet came out cuz they knew i was freaking and ellie was still laying covered in fleeces. he took her temperature which was still really high but the meds had started to work, cuz then she got up and had a drink and ate all the hot dog buns so i am pretty sure the crises was over. whew!

those poor nice ladies went home without a cat cuz i was just too distracted to concentrate, but they were so nice that they are coming back. thank god for understanding people. and thank god for colleen, greg, janice, eva, the vets and that really nice man in pennsylvania!

ok ellie, i just officially recognized that i love you so quit scaring me.



Sounds like Copper may still have to wear his daisy collar! LOL

Ellie, you stay healthy!


Well i am hoping your takign a much deserved cup of calming tea after that scare. ( or a glass of wine) I had to stop myslef from calling you back after only 20 minutes from talking to you. And from flying out there only to be with you both. They truly are like children when they are sick , you will have to get her a baby bottle Carol. (Rose has one lol)