Rescue Journal

think hard for us tomorrow please.

Alison  ·  Mar. 1, 2007

so i think the foundation tour went ok, but there are quite a few groups in competition for the same money. we can only wait and see what happens and have faith that what is meant to be, will be.. only part of the dream of saints is here, the rest is yet to come. the animals of saints are a bridge to ourselves and their purpose is to help us find the best parts of us hiding inside. the grants we are applying for is to share their gift and for implementing human based programs, the disabled, the disconnected, the lost, lonely youth, the de-valued seniors may find something they lost here. they may find that in caring for the crippled crew, in truth they have cared for themselves. purpose and value are not extenal things dependent on others, they are intrinsic pieces of who we are and we carry them with us, always. but sometimes we just can't find them. i think the animals help us find that lost key.

it was a good day. after the scare of yesterday, it was a joy to watch ellie faithfully tagging along with greg while he worked. she is so much like an innocent child, she watched what he did, and she tried to help and she experimented with his hammer and wheelbarrow. i looked out the window at one point to see her cavorting around in the snow. leila said she had trouble focussing on her lessons, she really wanted to just go and play. she has learned her bedtime routine quite well tho so there is no more temper tantrums at bedtime.

carl again was spitting tonight but tonight his victim was gideon. now that made me mad because swinger and spritely bug carl in the barn hallway but gideon is always kind and polite. carl needs to learn to return respect and consideration with the same. gideon is the king of saints and he is a very good king too. carl would do well to remember that because i am the kings protector and i can chase any spitting llama away from the door, cuz i don't care if he spits at me, it is the job of protector's to take the hits...but no spitting at gideon. (and carl would not to dare spit at me anyway because he is very respectful of humans, so taking the protecting hit from a carl spitter is pretty safe if you are human and i am)

jack was laying in the middle of the hard, cold cat room floor, she wasn't dead, she was sleeping with her tongue hanging out and she looked dead which bugged me. so i put her in a nice, soft warm bed and covered her up and now she looks cute and sweet and not dead. i am happier looking at her when she is sleeping where i want her but honestly she doesn't seem to care.

i bought maudie these really cool plastic steps so she can walk right up to the top of my bed and not throw a fit for having to jump over the scary black cats, sam and endora. except, sam sits on the bottom step and endora sits on the middle one and maudie is still throwing herself to the floor flipping out and shrieking cuz they are in her way. ok, that was a waste of 30 bucks.

lola is still sick but she might be just marginally better today...i can't decide.

cuddles is still waiting for his surgery and since i didn't get a chance to pick up mable's xrays today, i am going to pick them up tomorrow and go and meet him while i am there.

can everyone think really hard about us between 8-830 am and collectively, telepathically tell ellie to be a good girl and get into the freaking crate, cuz her surgery is booked for first thing in the morning and we really don't have time to goof around.



heheheeee! I'm chuckling about Sam and Endora. A powerful duo. Good for them! deal with it Maude, quit your sniveling and hip hop over them both. *smile* You get your lady most of the day......

I'll be willing Ellie to go in the crate in the a.m. Come on baby girl, you can do it! Lottsa smooches to you.


we can't do anything about the weather so don't worry, either we can get there or we can't. the roads are clear tonight, maybe our guardian angels will keep them clear tomorrow for us too.