Rescue Journal

another sleepless night

Alison  ·  Mar. 1, 2007

i just can't turn off the switch in my head. every single animal is peacefully sleeping except me and i am the only one with a really busy day tomorrow. the foundation committee is coming to tour because we applied for a grant to reno the area for the multi-purpose handicapped accessible room for disabled volunteers and visitors. i have to have this place spotless and it is not one of our fuller volunteer help days. i need to do a dump run and pick up mable mae's xrays and get them to the clinic in maple ridge. and i need to get back down to the feed store tomorrow for sure because i paid for sheep tex on monday but they were out of stock and i was supposed to go back and get it today but i forgot. leila is coming to work with ellie some more, and i need her to help ellie to go into the crate on her own so i can get her to the vet on friday so i have to be there to see how to do it. and i need to pay my RNABC professional dues so i can keep practicing nursing once my doctors say i can go back to work and tomorrow is the last non penalty day to register. and finally i need to get into physio and start working on getting some movement and strength back in my ankle so i can walk when the air cast comes off.

and if could just get my brain to shut down, i am sure i would be more rested and able to get thru it all tomorrow. this sucks.



yeah, funny how things change overnight...four inches of snow and my entire world just switched gears.

i bet the foundation committee cancels and i bet the one volunteer help does too
and i bet i can wheel around here by myself and just clean up all the pee and the pooh.
ok, i hope that's what happens or i am royally screwed.

Chris T

Ya Carol! Cause it would really suck if you didn't do it and you could not go back to work!! LOL


ahhh well, sleepless nights are good for somethings, i just did my RNABC registration on line, that is one less thing to do tomorrow!