Rescue Journal

good morning....not

Alison  ·  Mar. 2, 2007

it is not snowing and so far that is the only good thing i can see. my eyes and my nose were assaulted by the absolute mess they made last night before i was even pretending to be awake. i can handle the incontinence, that's no big deal, they are old and what can they do?

but they aren't old enough cuz whatever they were doing last night that knocked over a huge bowl of food and scattered it across the floor, and pulled down the pillows and beds and books to add to the mess was just stupid, cuz i KNOW none of these guys read. i hate clearing a wheelchair path before i can even see. and they are all franctic to go out ( what's the big hurry? they obviously hadn't been holding it all that long), they were crowding around me and the door which proves they are selfish little beasts cuz they kept the doorway area clean for their ease and convenience, they just trashed everywhere else that affected me like the road to the bathroom, kettle and computer.

even sweet little pippa was a bad girl this morning, she started barking to wake me up at five am, my alarm was set for 6 and i wasn't moving til then so she twisted her sweater on sideways so once i looked at her to tell her to go back to sleep, i HAD to get up to turn it around cuz she looked pathetic. and adorable wilbur, just about gave me a heart attack too. wilbur went out with everyone else, except then he didn't come back in...i called and i called and no wilbur appeared which meant i had to go out to find him. i hadn't put my cast on yet and i was going to do that first but then i decided one of those eagles might have grabbed him, so i crutched out and luckily i saw the patch of ice by the water storage thing and didn't fall and break it again. anyway...still no wilbur...OM freaking G!!!!!! and i am peering up into the sky looking for blind pug stealing eagles but there wasn't one anywhere in sight. i grabbed my thus far missing in action brain and decided i missed his little tiny self in the herd that rushed back in the door, so i carefully crutched past the ice once again and found him in the kitchen. i wish wilbur weighed 34 pounds like he used to and then he would be too big to worry about flying pedators who really like to circle and peer down in my yards.

i made my tea and i have already started whining on the blog that this morning absolutely SUCKS! i better get dressed and put on my cast before janice gets here and it sucks even more. sorry ellie, i think it will be a tough day all around, so you deal with it and so will i. no stupid freaking out or pretending to be dying and i will try not to go completely insane.



it went ok...she went in the crate like a good girl and then when we were dragging it across the cement of the barn, she flipped and popped the door open and escaped. then she said "i am not going back in there" and "i don't like you trying to trick me" but eventually she stuck her head back in the crate to look at the cookies inside and janice who is a very smart pig lady, shoved her butt in and slammed and locked the door.
her surgery went well, she is home wrapped up in blankets and sleeping off the effect of the drugs.
barn rest for 24 hours and quiet activity only for another 72 hours and then she can do whatever she wants (within reason).
stay tuned for a blog later tonight cuz there are a couple of funny twists to this tale, with hayseed pig rescuers in a high end sophisticated pet clinic,  garden snakes, and precious beloved buckets.