Rescue Journal

jenny the cat adopted

Alison  ·  Mar. 4, 2007

great home, super new mom...all of jenny's issues and unhappiness are not a concern. her new mom just wants an unhappy, senior cat to have a home. you are a pretty lucky cat jenny, homes like this don't come around very often. prove us all wrong, be happy.



she was out and out choked to be here...she was in a cage in the sick cat room mo, she was still going thru the "are you eating and drinking and handling the adjustment ok" observation period. sigh...i suspect it was going to be a long adjustment period. i did get a call already tonight, she is motoring around her new place and already a heck of alot happier.


she was hiding in the back room. in a kennel to herself as she wasn't thrilled at all to be at saints. i think she came in just about 2 weeks ago or less.


Yea for Jenny & kudos to those willing to share their love with another who is sometimes reluctant to be reciprical.. it is true that there is a spot for everyone , we just need to be lucky enough to match them up.

... did I even know Jenny ? Now that sucks ! was she a SAINT ? .. note to self.. pay more attenton to the cats !!