Rescue Journal

excavation and construction of ellie's new home has begun.

Alison  ·  Mar. 5, 2007

the machines are laying the ground work. greg ordered and i paid for the materials today which will be delivered on wednsday and hopefully within a week or two or ellie will have an appropriate and pleasant home that belongs just to her. of course that is assuming she is still alive then. that pig has no fear, we had to confine her to the backyard because she thinks playing excavator with a bobcat is really a lot of pig-type fun.

and totally separate from saints business, is my personal life. and soon you won't hear me complaining so much because i have taken out a personal loan to gut that rotting bathroom. i am a little bit nervous because my contractor sent me down to pick out the arborite for the counter and tub surround. i love deep earthy ceramic tiles but can't have them because the maintenence required is too much for me to handle and i don't want icky grout in a year or two. that would totally wreck out my baths which i am trying to make pleasant and enjoyable. anyway....he told me it was ok to pick a dark color for the counter, but pick a lighter one for the tub surround cuz it is honestly the tiniest full bathroom ever built in a house ever. and i don't follow directions very well.

that bathroom is so small there is no way to even create an illusion of space, the door hits the toilet which is shoved tight against the tub and the sink is a mere 18 inches across from that. it is a closet with fixtures and i don't think i can pretend anything else. except.....i found this really dark rough looking woodgrain that looks like the inside of a tree. so i picked that for both the sink and the bathtub and when i am soaking i will pretend i am inside a tree trunk. i think i might like that.



i thought about bumping out into the sick cat room but i don't need much space for a bath. i only get to hang out in there for a few months out of the year anyway and as long as the necessities actually fit in there, i am not going to worry too much aboout an extra foot of two. and the sick guys spend alot of time in the sick cat room (at least til they get better and i make them come out, except so far no one will leave...i told pause 2 months to get out of there, he is fine now, and he won't go!!!) anyway, they need all the room they can get. and i don't want to take away from them just so my bathroom is a bit bigger. besides a bath in a tree trunk is kind of unique!


Well, at least I won't have to listen to that little pink wiener - er, whiner - any more. I can't have my beauty rest disturbed you know!
But still.....when do I get MY own home?? Not to mention my own DVD player? It gets a little lonely and boring in here somedays, y'know. Entertainment, please!
A bar fridge would be nice too, stocked with fresh strawberries and melon slices.


Ever consider expanding it a bit by making the sick cats' room a bit smaller? If you recessed the sink and vanity so they are flush with the end of the tub, and put pot lights above it would give you a lot more room, but it wouldn't take much room from the infirmary - no more than a small closet.