Rescue Journal

i just said goodbye to hannah.

Alison  ·  Mar. 6, 2007

i don't know if i will see her again. maybe i will if leila decides the hotel life is not what she needs. so my good bye was provisional on if this is the right home and for hannah i truly hope it is. but if not, i will see her again next week when leila brings her back home.anyway i kissed her face just in case i don't get the chance again...good luck hannah banana, may all your dreams come true and if not get back here as quick as you can.

tunie fish was having a nap out in the back yard next to the fence. so i hobbled out there and sat on the cement and called her. she heaved herself up and came across the yard and wuffled her snout up near my face in hello. and when she was done she went back to her spot by the fence and continued with her nap. tunie is such a polite pig.

ellie was napping in the sunshine too but now she is awake and doing her thing. gosh she moves quickly and covers alot of ground. and it is so much fun to watch her enjoying it all. i gave her a pristine white hand towel to play with today, it is not white any longer but she hasn't lost it in her travels yet so i think she likes having it with her as she goes.

jack is still asleep and hasn't woken up yet....i think we are heading for another rip van winkle episode. ok...i have put it off long enough...i am going to go and clean the sick cat room, i looked in there briefly an hour ago and decided i needed a cup of tea first. tea is done. yuck.



lol...did you ever comnsider that they know this and just pretend to be stressed so that people like you will buy them bones (or people like me will buy them pizza!)


Hannah is a very good dog who is sitting quitely next in the den with me but she is stressed because Oliver is an ass. So I am going to the store to get them all bones so Hannah will like it here.