Rescue Journal

Hannah Bananah - Dog with a Job!!!

 ·  Mar. 8, 2007

Well Hannah went into the big city today to get herself a job at a fancy downtown Vancouver Hotel. We had to push and prod her out of the car - okay throw her out. But once she popped out of that car - Hannah did good. She did her best trick - sit down in front of the crowd and wait to be petted. That trick always wins them over.

Well, as you can tell from the fanfare above, Hannah and the Hotel people had a very good 1st meeting. She really did "wow" the staff with her good manners. We got to the hotel around 3:30 and it is a busy time for them with people coming and going. Hannah was not put off by all the hustle and bustle around her. She really did go and plunk herself down infront of a group of people (guests of the hotel) and soaked in all the petting. The next I knew, she was laying down on the floor. The staff just loved her - they all started coming out one at a time to meet her and the next thing we knew, there was a crowd of people on the floor petting Hannah. She loved it. Melissa, who will be Hannah's primary caretaker, and I took her for a walk around the block so Melissa could see how well Hannah walks on leash. Melissa showed us where Hannah will sleep at night and explained how she will never be alone as there is always 2 staff member around at night. Hannah is the 3rd dog to be interviewed for this job and she passed the test. She is good with people without being pushy, she knows how to avoid confrontations with dogs and she knows how to lay down and not react to strange noises in the lobby.

This was a risky undertaking as it is not the usual kind of adoption any of us are used to. Sheila and I had our reservations about what to expect from the staff. But once we saw all those people surrounding Hannah waiting to introduce themselves, a sigh of relieve went through us. There was a sense of anticipation coming off them as they were so excited to meet Hannah. Like Melissa told me, this is a Hotel that loves dogs. Hannah will be spoiled rotten. I think Hannah liked the hotel too. We had gone outside the hotel and were waiting for the car when Hannah turned around and went right back into the Hotel with me in tow. She plunked herself down in the middle of the lobby and refused to budge. "Gosh Darn it I'm staying her" she told me. The staff loved it - it made them feel Hannah had choosen them as much as they had choosen her. I'm sorry to say that I had to drag Hannah out of there. Hopefully Hannah will be ensconed in the lobby of the Pacific Palisades Hotel by Tuesday.

By the way Carol, Sheila and I believe we see a little bit of cattle dog in Hannah - look at the way her front legs position themselves when she is sitting - also explains her height and compact body shape.



Yea Hannah... and she's close enough for me to visit on my lunch ; - )


woohoo, i am soo happy for her and for everyone at the hotel. this is so perfect for her and i can easily picture her plonking her self down and absorbing all the attention.


YAY hannah!!!! thank you sheila and leila so much for working so hard thru all the specifics of this. i think this a great opportunity not only for hannah but for senior dogs waiting homes in shelters across the country. thousands of people are going to meet a great, great senior, used-to-homeless dog...maybe when someone is searching out their next best friend, they will look into a dog's eyes and see another wonderful hannah, not just an old, mildly crippled dog that is too much risk to love.