Rescue Journal

it stayed good!

Alison  ·  Mar. 8, 2007

physio went well...the physiotherapist looked at the bottom of my boot and said..."you have been weight bearing!" ooops, forgot to wash the sucker before my appointment. then we took off the boot and she looked at my foot and ankle and said..."wow! you are way ahead of what we would expect"...hah! she gave me some more exercises to increase my range of motion, and i am a happy camper.

apparently greg was having trouble out running and out smarting a baby pig who wanted to go home with him tonight. he took her with him for a final fence perimeter check at the end of the day and then managed to escape her. ellie LOVES greg.(i think greg likes ellie alot too)

leila will be blogging the adventure of hannah's job interview today. she is currently stuck in a sneak went really well.



oh yeah sneak peak, i was thinking about them all day and waiting for someone to post about it.