Rescue Journal

mable mae

Alison  ·  Mar. 8, 2007

she has several masses in her bladder, we don't know if they are polyps or malignant tumours. mable is 15 yrs old and currently appears to be healthy and happy. we have decide how to proceed from here. mable maybee tell us what to do.



The above was written by Chris, not Deb. I don't call our Princess Mable Mae, it's Maybee Baby, and there is no way in hell I would be posting at 9:44 A.M.
Chris has a keyboard with a boo-boo, she's in crisis.

Maybee is, in fact, home for good. Long may she reign!


I hope we have a very long time with little Miss Mable Mae! I love seeing her all curled up in the bed of her choice happily sleeping away. She seems to have 2 speeds - asleep and full on motoring! She is quite hysterical when she gets going. Maybee Baby you are home.


I love having a skinny dog! Maybee eats as much as she wants, which at this point is more than Clio and Piper combined. Basically she's offered a piece of every dog-appropriate food that comes out of the fridge, or off the counter. If she likes it, she gets more, until she stops wanting it. There are very few things she dislikes. Those ribs and that backbone will be well padded soon.


ahh deb...maybee baby has found her voice. lucky, lucky girl. so that settles that...bring on the food (and invite her aunty carol)


Maybee Baby is going to live the rest of her life on her own terms. She will continue to be hand fed a raw diet (as is her preference). She will continue to be cuddled each and every time she wants. She will continue to sleep when and where she wants. She will continue to go walkabout in her secure yard whenever she likes. We will endeavor to anticipate where she might choose to void, and if we fail, oh well. She will continue to get Vet care for optimum non-invasive health care, and when the time comes, she'll get all the pain meds she requires to keep her safe and comfortable. If Maybee has six months, we are blessed, and it will be a warm and loving six months for her. She may get six years, who knows? Chris and I have learned through experience that there are no "givens", that life can end in the blink of an eye, and the only thing to do is make every moment count.
Maybee Baby has come into my life at a time when I need her far more than she needs me. She is a gift, and we will do right by our little Princess, that I can promise.