Rescue Journal

There is only one way to fix this.

Alison  ·  Mar. 8, 2007

There are alot of horrors in the animal world. most of the evil comes from humans. there are varying degrees of evil too, some blatant and some not even recognised as wrong. There are also alot of people involved in animal welfare from the big shelters to the single dog foster home. there are rescuers like myself who work in a small specific area, like seniors and palliatives and special needs. others who do poodles or pitt bulls or rabbits, or pigs like janice at heartsonnoses. there are others that volunteer their time or resources to walk or train shelter dogs. there are those who liberate dogs off their chains and the ones who trap, sterilze, release and feed feral cats or catch the pet rabbits that someone set loose to die and one goup even got the archaic gas chamber dismantled from their city pound.

All of us can spend our lives fixing other peoples mistakes, and righting wrongs and never make a single dent in the horror. Two things have to change before we see the light, our attitudes and the laws that we live by. As long as we pretend that unwanted shelter animals do not die, or a chained dog is not suffering, or that litter of kittens under the shed is ok, as long as we pretend that the meat on our plate was not inhumanely farmed or the unspayed dog should have one litter of pups, or the cat's toes amputated to protect the couch is a reasonable choice to be made....we continue to foster evil.

if we want a world where animals are treated humanely and mankind can lift it's head above our current shame, then change the laws. make your politicians listen to you, make them put humane enforcable laws in place to protect the animals from ourselves. it is a sad evil world for animals who depend on humans to do the right thing. and until we make our laws protect them, we watch and participate in their pain.



that is the problem colleen, we all think we have to be part of alot of others to make a voice is somewtimes more effective than a letter written by thousands of individuals adds up to the power of each one.
never underestimate that power of just one...that power started saints and then other "ones" arrived to bring us all safely home.
the power of one is pretty amazing. (i read that book and it is true!!!)


How can I, as a peon, gather up forces to make a difference?

I can make my elector voice known as an individual, but how to gather the mass?

This is the problem, for me. I am one.

Where are the others that think they too are one? Anyone want to "mass"? Do you want the laws changed? Let's meet up and exchange ideas!