Rescue Journal

OM freaking G!!!!

Alison  ·  Mar. 10, 2007

i just witnessed an incredible display of a 150 pound baby pig blowing a gasket. i thought she would pop all the blood vessels in her baby pink skin and i finally got mad at her and told her to be quiet. apparently ellie does not think she waits quietly and patiently while i am preparing her dinner. no she flings herself around and she climbs up and bites and shakes her gate to break it loose and she shrieks like her leg is being cut off.

i asked tunie to tell to her to please shut up but tunie said ellie was screaming so loud she couldn't hear. oh well, i was going to feed the baby first but i fed everyone else instead and when she was quiet for a minute i rushed her the food before she started again.

ellie mae is a demanding and impatient baby pig with a bad temper. i will be thinking about this tonight.



This is such a riot to read the goings on of pigs at SAINTS. And let me tell you at over a year now my Rose at 450lbs is still the best screamer..i mean singer. I have many of Roses at 9 weeks old temper tantrums on video.. sorry to laugh but i know exactley what your little girl must sound like. lol.


Oh Ellie! Yes, she put on quite the show last night too - I did feed her first but she managed to finish it all before I was finished with the other animals and so she began her crying and bashing and carrying on. I tossed a couple of apples into her bed but that only kept her quiet for about 2 minutes.
Our Ellie reminds me of a human kidlet in the terrible twos stage - they can be charming as all get out, but boy can they let you know it if things don't go their way.
On a positive note, Ellie was the hit of the tour I gave today - she is now the SAINTS official tour guide, cuz she does a great job trotting alongside the group and keeping them all together and entertained.