Rescue Journal

ohhh, ahhh, awww, owww and ooops

Alison  ·  Mar. 12, 2007

cuddles is finally home and he has taken up residence under the couch. what is it about new cats and camping under my furniture? cats are way more masters of their own universe than dogs are and except for andy, no dog ever lived under the couch here...they climbed on top. i wonder if that means cats are smarter than dogs? they certainly do not trust as easily. anyway, here is hoping that cuddles has a good strong mean streak in him to conquer his new world.

lola is not doing well. that cold she picked up when she was spirited away by her previous owner has really knocked her for a loop. at 18 years old, she just may not recover her strength again. i have switched her meds around again...come on lola, i really miss my wheelchair riding hitchhiker.

jack had a bath today and promptly went under a blanket...i have only seen the occasional nose or toe for the last couple of hours.

apparently my two footed foray into the raging waters of hearts on noses last night, did a little bit more damage than i thought to my ankle. sigh, i am back to foot elevated on a bunch of pillows and trying really hard to stay off it. i have 2 weeks til i see my surgeon again, i will be good and let time be my friend.

i missed the newscasts today about janice and the pigs...please let her get a ton of help.


Chris T

Andy can still come, at some point, if it would be better for him!! I am totally in love with Andy. And, it was lamb necks they were all eating the other day. Maybee Baby is a true carnivore. She is now enjoying handmade duck bone jerky treats too!


you could have had andy but you chose maybee instead, andy would have enjoyed...what was it maybee was eating that day? oh yeah, sheep necks...i am shuddering. cole likes carrots.

(ok, cole would like sheep necks too BUT HE CAN\"T HAVE THEM!)

Chris T

We had a feral dog who lived in the coffee table whenever she had the chance for quite some time. Eventually she little Sunny Bubbles decided I was her human and then she was wherever I was. I miss that little dog!


nope..sam and endora do not hold the record...julie was about 6 months...ogidie was almost a year (til i brought home the first tiny sick bug (not wee hopeful bug)...then he was out from under that bed and in my lap just to be near her. he loves orphaned kittens. sigh...uncle ogidie is not happy i am just doing seniors now, he wants the babes back.


I'm betting Janice didn't get to watch the broadcasts either - maybe if someone has the technology they can record the late news? Both Global and CTV carried excellent coverage of the flood at Hearts on Noses.

And welcome to SAINTS, Cuddles. Sam and Endora hold the record, I think, for staying underneath the furniture. I hope you don't take that long - we all want to meet you!