Rescue Journal

cat-day afternoon

Alison  ·  Mar. 13, 2007

since i was taking it easy today, i took it easy with the cats. boo is starting to scare me. i swear she is now looking at me with that "hey sister, let's party" look. i don't really want to party with boo, she is a little wild, i don't party and i remember exactly how her teeth felt imbedded in the bones of my fingers not all that long ago. still, i let her fly across the room and land in my empty wheelchair (i was on the couch with my foot elevated) and roll away like the prom queen in her brand new sporty convertible. she did that alot today, it made her feel special. i obligingly waved around the feather and boa toy to keep her amused and let her think she was truly stronger than me (sadly, she is de-clawed and can't hang onto stuff as good as she thinks she can but we won't tell her that). i shared my tuna sandwich with her, not that i had much choice because she was definately thinking about going right down my throat after it. all in all boo thought it was a good day hanging out with her new best friend...oh why does that make me so nervous?

cuddles (i am shuddering at that ridiculous name) has been sharing my milk and decided he wanted some tuna sandwich too. funny how once i am viewed as a free, user friendly, vending machine, everyone stops growling at me and telling me to buzz off. i am like little miss popularity today.

beavar had a good long nap on me and didn't bite me even once. and even lola came out of her basket to sit on my chest and swipe at the feather toy for a moment or two. i tried her with the tuna juice (which is why i made a tuna sandwich, cuz i wanted the juice for lola) but she said "yuck", had a drink of water and went back to bed. ok, i am sorry, i thought you might like it, sheesh.

the big dogs hung out with me in the little dog/cat room and everytime i got off that bloody couch it was a fight to get back on there. dogs are stupid, they don't get the whole be nice to the crippled caregiver thing. cats however are smart, they actually move if it looks like you are going to sit on them if they don't get out of the way quick.



Sounds like a wonderful day. The cats need some special friends to come & sit & play with them... I want to bring stripe home with me.. I love that little kitty.. Oh & missy too.