Rescue Journal

Hannah has gone to her new home!

Sheila  ·  Mar. 13, 2007

I was about to post about Hannah and stopped because I just read Carol's post on Lola and thought how can I write something upbeat after that... so I phoned Carol and she said to post because there will always be the good and the bad ... often on the same day. So we should be able to celebrate just as we can mourne ... often on the same day because life is a mixture of happy and sad...

Leila drove into Vancouver and met with the manager of the Pacific Pallisades hotel. She went over the additions to the contract (just because we want to make sure that Hannah never loses a home in the potential shuffle of management and staff). He was happy to sign off on the changes and told Leila not to worry that there was a five year contract that stated management would be place for that time period. So he isn't likely to leaving in the next five years. He also explained that he had done this program before and it is very successful. There will be people who will want to walk Hannah and there will also be people who want to just sit and talk to her. They had already bought her a wicker bed with a green lining that Hannah immediately test drove. There were also new faces for Hannah to be introduced to her. And already she made an impression on two sets of guests that wanted to pet her. She made sure everyone gave her one even if it met one of her famous sits. The manager was very happy with Hannah's looks and even said he was glad to see she had rotti in her. We are invited to come visit her anytime. They are expecting Maureen tomorrow and hopefully many more visits from Maureen (hint, hint). When Leila explained that Hannah prefers people to dogs the manager told her he was the opposite he preferred dogs to people.

I had told a friend that Hannah was going to live at the Pacific Pallisades Hotel. She told me that many celebrities when in town stay at this hotel. I don't know how true that is, but if it is I just get a chuckle out of the fact that this "unadoptable" mix mutt from Chilliwack is going to be potentially rubbing elbows with the rich and famous.

When Leila first got the email from Melissa she referred to her hotel has a boutique hotel in Vancouver and we were all thinking what is a boutique hotel.... some crack hotel in the east end maybe. We soon found that wasn't the case. Melissa was very good at answering all the questions required of her but there were some reservations about the whole thing. When we met her and I talked about our reservations she mentioned some organizations were not receptive to the idea. And as Carol said good for us for being able to see outside of the box because I believe Hannah is getting a great home and more importantly will be a great ambassador for mixed mutt, senior dogs that come from overcrowed shelters.



ok tom...the business cards made me laugh...if you could have seen that poor little chubby cinderella sitting in the pound watching everyone just walk on by and now barely a month later, she has she own business cards! i just love the stories when the old, invisible dog actually wins. yay hannah, yay pacific palisades...what a great, great team! thank you.

Tom Waithe

I am the General Manager of the Pacific Palisades Hotel and delighted to report that Hannah has left the hotel today for a full spa day! 20 minutes after she left we had heard a now familiar request in the lobby "where's Hannah!" This is a hotel which does host a large number of celebrities and a world class recording star will be staying with us next week, her manager stopped to greet Hannah yesterday and said "oh _____ will just love you" so yep, it is really a cinderalla story. Stop by and see Hannah, we are delighted to have her on staff and have had her business cards already ordered. Keep up the great work everyone. We will be looking for another senior for our Whistler property in a couple of weekes.

Chris T

Yes Mo! A full report. Great for Hannah. She will be a wonderful ambassador for rescued senior dogs.


i am so glad this has worked out so well for hannah. thx again sheila and leila for not only helping her but for falling under her spell cuz that is her magic way of making sure all of us do our best for her.

mo will get to see her first because she is going over on her lunch break tomoorrw to give hannah her cartrophen injection....we want a full blogged report mo!